Time Traveller

Just on the border of our earthly mind
There lies… Another time
Where afternight & light are One
And as you tread your life’s ‘reality’
You feel so glad to be
Trial-blazing to go beyond.
I have a message
From another time…
By Arif uz Zaman
March 2013
(Adapted from Jeff Lynne’s Prologue to Time)
Herein are the tales of the Time Traveller…
1. The Malhamah Al Kubra
end_of_daysWhen they say a war is coming. They are right.Well… let it come…

The conscious submitters to God’s way – calling believers alike, respectfully, be they Muslim, Christian, Jew, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, Hindu – calling humbleness of spirit and those sacred tears spent for the weak and destitute, calling the Peace seekers, the Truth speakers standing firm, staring unflinching in the face of the Goliathan oppressors. Who knew

That we be the winners? (Continued…Please click here)

2. I walked into a film rental one day…


I walked into a film rental one day

To pick up a movie to watch

And caught the end of a conversation:


“Do you like those real-life based dramas?” asked the customer.

“I used to like movies” replied the Attendant-Cashier, “but can’t stand anything to do with real-life anymore. In whatever genre!”

So I looked up. (Continued… Please click here.)

3. What’s the Social-ution?

Isolated 1


Society is remote.

Where the robots live


In cell to cell,

Padded walls,

Talking sideways through the wire or the wave,

Satellite inn, alone. (Continued. Please click here.)



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