The Muse

Index to the West’s Muslim Musings:

For more on ‘What is the Muse?’ please go to the About section and scroll down to WHY MUSE?

Modern Madness by Arif uz Zaman

Rules of Inter-Communication 3 by Arif uz Zaman

What is the Social-ution? by Arif uz Zaman

Little Black Fly on the Wall by Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore

Take off Your Hijab by Amenakin

The Meaning of Life by Lebo2196 (

New Year’s Revolution by Lebo2196 (

Not Letting Go by Hafiz (via Adventures of Sufi Girl)

Rules of Inter-Communication 2 by Arif uz Zaman

Ssh! Be Vewy Vewy Qwiet. I’m Hunting Tewwowists by Arif uz Zaman

The Famous ‘War on Loonacy’ Speech (Narrative) by Arif uz Zaman

War of the Worlds by Arif uz Zaman

Izrael by Arif uz Zaman

I walked into a film rental one day… by Arif uz Zaman

Triangles and Eyes by Mahir Mohamed in the blog belonging to Gareth Bryant

As I was going to St Ives… by Arif uz Zaman

The Great Starvation NORM (A couplet) by Arif uz Zaman

The Malhamah Al Kubra (The Coming of the Great War) by Arif uz Zaman

Poetry Face Off by the Brother of Few Words and Yasir Qadhi

The Price of Freedom (Narrative) by Fatema

Islam 101 by Amal Ahmed Albaz

Dialogue Poem set 3: by Arif uz Zaman, which includes:

1. Prologue to On Love followed by:

2. Nightlight and its reply:

3. Wherefore Romeo? – A Broken Sonnet, and its reply:

4. Layla, and

5. What is Love? and its reply:

6. False Idols and its reply:

7. Love Happy! and an extension:

8. In Heaven in Time Long Forgot and its reply:

9. A Refrain: To Complain and its extension:

10: Hope i and its reply:

11. An Apology and Warning and

12. Love Divine and

13. The Love Song and the final summation:

14. Tryptich on Love

Fiqh of Love by Ammar Alshukry

Dialogue Poem set 2: Shadow and its reply Hope ii by Arif uz Zaman

On how Identity can Mind-Lead you away from Truth by Arif uz Zaman

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Death Star by Arif uz Zaman

Dialogue Poem set 1: Ache and its reply I belong by Arif uz Zaman

Kill Them with Love by Boonaa Mohammed

Until I See You by Ammar Alshukry

Your Wonderful World by Arif uz Zaman

A Muslim Apolo-gy/-getics to the non Muslim by Arif uz Zaman

A Depiction of Time by Malick Elias

The Final Sermon by Brother Phil

Beloved by Baraka Blue

Rules on Inter-Communication 1 by Arif uz Zaman

The Great Game of Life by Arif uz Zaman

True Civilisation by Arif uz Zaman

The Triumph of Truth by Abdullah Quilliam

Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus from Talk Islam

From Hate to Hope from The Prophetic Timeline

The Voyage of a Scholar by Joel Hayward

Signs by Boonaa Mohammed


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