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‘Religion Causes More War’ Do You Believe?

Religion Causes More War...

Goodbye ‘Religion Causes War’ Argument.

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A Muslim Phones into a Radio Station…

This was a discussion that took place on Facebook. I’m sharing it here to spread the positive sides of the debate, inshallah. Please note, Darryl is an  ol’ friend of mine from school that I’ve reconnected with via Facebook:

Darryl: Not sure how I feel about this, because I agree with a lot of what the dj says. The older I get, the more I think religion has no place in a civilised society. Arif, any thoughts?

Muslim phones

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What was CISPA?

CISPA has been very recently halted… But did you know?:

“While news media was focused on the [Boston Bombing], the U.S. House of Representatives quietly approved CISPA [Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act], with a vote of 288 to 127.” (Source)


CONCLUSION 1: Keep an eye on what the government are trying to pass through to legislation when a ‘panic’ hits the media.

“We can relax now that CISPA is dead, right? Unfortunately, the answer is a little unclear at this point. An unnamed representative on Rockefeller’s committee says that “issues and key provisions” of CISPA will be divvied up and made into separate bills. In other words, CISPA will be broken up into smaller, separate bills in the Senate.” (Source)

Another report says that staff and senators are dividing the issues and the key provisions that are absolutely necessary and they’ll be drafting separate bills.” (Source)

CONCLUSION 2: The damaging elements of CISPA can still make it through into legislation. But doing it this way is clever by being harder to spot and track…

And another thing: LOOK! Youtube to CENSOR protest videosclick here.


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Rabbis for Palestine: a one state solution for all

To see how America supports Izrael [a MUST SEE if you’re an American]… Continue reading

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Epic Speech

Speech by Dr Dahlia Wasfi

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Rules of Inter-Communication 2

war of words

Three ways to Fail – Versus – One way to Succeed

When we decide to discuss in two-way conversation – let us first define our terms to discourse.

What is the purpose for our communication?

In that is already the answer you’re speaking for: Continue reading


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Izrael Hacked: Anonymous’ Act of Protest

“One of the paradoxes or ironies of the Izrael-Palestine conflict is that although we’re often told it’s a uniquely intricate and complex conflict and the solutions to it are so elusive and difficult

in fact as conflicts go in the world its probably the least complex, the most simple and the most easily resolved which is one of the things that makes studying the conflict so frustrating

because in my opinion if the public knew the real facts there would be a clear path to finally finding a resolution of the conflict…”

Prof. Finkelstein

WATCH What Will Bring Peace to the Middle East?

with Professor Norman Finkelstein & Hamza Tzortzis –

Watch from: 3:28-4:28 Continue reading

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