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Has the Qur’an been Reliably Preserved?

Paul (Bilal) Williams here demonstrates how modern secular scholarship is a) discarding the radical historical-scepticism/ historical revisionism of the 1970s and b) affirming the reliability of the traditional (Islamic) account of the Qur’anic compilation. In particular, Paul refers to Professor Angelika Neuwirth’s entry in the Cambridge Companion to the Qur’an.

Why is this important?

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Is the Qur’an Authentic?

Some SHOCKing findings must be expressed based upon a “comparative investigation” made on two of the oldest manuscripts of the Qur’an we possess:

“The first manuscript known as Birmingham folios… is probably originated from Cairo (Egypt) and the second manuscript known as Sanaa folios… was discovered in an ancient mosque of Sanaa (Yemen). The old folios are carbon-dated from the period of the first century of Hijra: between 568 CE and 645 CE for the Birmingham parchment and between 578 CE and 669 CE for the Sanaa parchment.

NOTE: there are ZERO (that is, 0) manuscripts for the NEW TESTAMENT from the first Century CE.


“The two ancient scriptures corresponding to chapters 19 and 20, from Birmingham and Sanaa, were found to be similar to the present Uthmanic Quran compilation, in their basic morphology, as written in the old Arabic scripture.” That is to say, they correspond exactly to the current Qur’ans we possess, word for word. Let that sink in.

“This result involves that the Quran chapters 19 and 20 have been safely preserved during the last 14 centuries without alteration. Statistically speaking, this result suggests that the Quran, and not only chapters 19 and 20, should have been safely preserved during the last 14 centuries as well.

“Now, the raising question is: how could it be possible to have two different old parchments, coming from two different regions and dating from 14 centuries, which present a so great similarity with the present Uthmanic Quran compilation? The only interpretation, one can derive, is that the holy scripture has been delicately preserved by the Quranic scholars, by means of memory (i.e. learnt by heart) and by means of writing (i.e. written on parchments), and all that was probably controlled with a great rigour.”


“Verily We: It is We Who have sent down the Dhikr (i.e. the Quran) and surely, We will guard it (from corruption).”

(Qur’an, al-Hijr – The Rocky Tract 15:9)

“…it is stangely stated that the holy Scripture is protected and preserved by His Creator; which is in total concordance
with the result of this scientific investigation, at least for the investigated chapters.”

So it seems the claims of the author of the Qur’an has been proved true. And, moreover, given that this has been proved true. what other claims in the Qur’an might also be true?

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The Modern Menace. Calling Authentic Knights!

A Review of ‘The Modernist Menace to Islam’ by Daniel Haqiqajou (2021)

‘The Modernist Menace to Islam’ by Daniel Haqiqajou is subtitled, ‘A Muslim Critique of Modern-isms’ and checking by the contents, the reader gets a quick gauge of the breadth of what Haqiqajou hopes to cover:

  1. Atheism

  2. Secularism & Democracy

  3. Freedom, Equality and Liberty

  4. Feminism

  5. Hijab

  6. Science & Scientism

  7. Liberalism, Liberal Hypocrisy

  8. Progressivism, Morality

  9. Reformists, Modernists

  10. Sex & Zina

  11. Homosexuality & LGBT

  12. Malaise

  13. Muslim Skeptic

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History and Hadith: Prophet Muhammad vs George Washington

This video (in summary form) by Saajid Lipham outlines how much most people don’tknow much about the ‘Sciences of Hadith’ (Usul al-Hadith) and how exacting it is.

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The Historicity of the New Testament Series

If you want to review deep and thorough dives into the New Testament, asking the ‘Historicity’ Question, then here follows a series of online group meetings vis-a-vis EF DAWAH and their guests with the lay and specialists from the Christian community, world-wide.

What is Historicity?

“The historical dimension of human phenomena, or the distinctive sociohistorical circumstances of a specific event or series of events. Theories ignoring this dimension are ahistorical.”

Oxford Dictionary
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“I never saw any Atheist go door-to-door spreading Atheism…”

“I never saw any atheist go from door to door or invade continents to spread atheism lol”

My response:

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Logic is Not the Truth

Don’t religiously follow the dictates of logic (like a blind faith) because we have more sense than that. Be more reason-able.

Look at the example below.

The statement below is false.
The statement above is true.

Each sentence by themselves appear plausible and true-sounding. Each is logical by themselves. But next to each other suddenly we encounter a paradox.

Paradox definition:

  • a seemingly absurd or contradictory statement or proposition which when investigated may prove to be well founded or true.


  • a statement or proposition which, despite sound (or apparently sound) reasoning from acceptable premises, leads to a conclusion that seems logically unacceptable or self-contradictory.


Dictionaries sometimes give the ‘Liar paradox’ as an example of a paradox (albeit of the second definition variety). Indeed, this paradox was something that hounded the Ancient Greeks a long time ago – and it’s original form was known as the ‘Epimenides Paradox’. What is it? Much like the example above, it takes the form of something like this:

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The Truth about Islam in Africa



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Great Schism: The Bitter Rivalry Between Greek and Latin Christianity

“In our new animated historical documentary we will talk about the rivalry between the Catholic and Orthodox churches in the Middle Ages and how it shaped the history of Christianity and the whole world leading to the events of the Fourth Crusade and the Sack of Constantinople.” (SOURCE)

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Ye Olde British Value of Hijab

The Normans in England:

1066 to 1485 CE

This diagram comes from a book about ‘The Normans’. Though it’s for kids, the consultants for the book included Professor of History, J.C. Holt, from the University of Reading. In this section it talks about Norman dress for the ladies. It explains about the ‘wimple’ – which, in my opinion, is basically hijab that would be worn as part of ‘being modest’.

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