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Case Study: A Closed Secular and an Open Secular Approach to Hadiths [Hadith 3 of 5]

In this clip, a discussion on the likely origin of the Muslim prayer (salah) took place. This clip came from a longer interview on BBC Radio, here. For an overview of the longer interview, please read the Reference Section, below.

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The Small Kindnesses (Qur’an, Surah 107)

maunV2Source: Qur’an (dot) com

To check out the recitation:

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Prophet Moses and Prophet Jesus (peace on them) used to pray like Muslims… [Prophets 1 of 4]

The purpose for sharing this Youtube video was simply to demonstrate an important point of similarity: the manner of worship retained within the bible mirrors more the Islamic manner of worship than, for instance, the current Christian varieties.

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