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Why I left the Far-Right…

The incredible transformation of Joram van Klaveren (former Dutch parliamentarian).

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Song of Songs 5:16 prophesied Prophet Muhammad (upon whom be peace) by name

His mouth is full of sweetness; he is Muhammad in every way. Such, O women of Jerusalem, he is my beloved, my friend…

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When dealing with the fact that a Bible passage in the Song of Songs or Shir haShirim 5:16 שיר השירים  ה:טז in Hebrew where the word “Machamadim” מַחֲמַדִּים is clearly shown, Christian apologists like James White in his debate with Br. Zakir Hussain titled “Is Muhammed Prophesied in the Bible?” typically respond that it cannot refer to Prophet Muhammad (p) based on the following arguments:

  1. The context of the whole Song of Solomon is about human love or  human sexual desire.
  2. The word is in adjective form and can be found in other places in the Bible.
  3. The word is in plural form.

White even boldly claims that this is the weakest argument the Muslims have on finding prophet Muhammad in the Bible.

Let us have a closer look and see if this argument is valid.

Human sexual desire or God’s beloved man?

To address his first argument, nowhere does Jewish and…

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Are you a Christian or Paulinian?

Spot the difference: 1) “Worship God,” Said Jesus (as); 2) “Worship God, Jesus, Holy Ghost – who are three persons in one,” said Paul; 3) “Worship God,” said Muhammad (s)


christian or paulinian


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Early Islam and the Birth of Capitalism


“… The spread of Islam also was a breakthrough for capitalism and globalization. This is hardly surprising, considering Islam is the only world religion whose founder had a background in business and came from a long line of merchants…” Read more of Benedict Koehler article on ‘Early Islam and the Birth of Capitalism”, here.

This lecture, given by the historian and former banker, Benedikt Koehler, actually begins from 7:00.

Controversial? No. Not really. Although it depends on what we mean by ‘Capitalism’. I’d remind the reader that ‘Interest’ (Usury) and ‘exploitation’ is strictly forbidden in Islam, so if you’re able to conceive of a capitalism without this, you might be closer to the genius of the Prophet’s revealed way… Continue reading

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Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) In The Bible 2 [Prophets 4 of 4]

Please check: Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the Bible (1 of 2)

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Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in The Bible 1 [Prophets 3 of 4]



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Jesus vs Muhammad

Peace to Jesus

Peace to Muhammad

#NoHaters (Check out this link)


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The Prophet’s Words: On Religion



The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Religion is very easy, and whoever overburdens himself in his religion will not be able to continue in that way. So you should not be extremists, but try to be near to perfection and receive the good tidings that you will be rewarded.” [Bukhari:V1N38] Continue reading


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