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The Challenge of the Qur’an

What is the challenge of the Qur’an?

Well, traditionally – that is to say – qur’anically, the challenge was literary or perhaps one of orality, because the culture the Qur’an came into was a time where the poets were esteemed and would hold sparring verbal competitions like modern day spoken word slams and rap battles; spontaneity and immediacy was the order of the day.

However, putting the spontaneity aside to make things easier for the challengers, the Qur’an itself says, a number of times with slight differences of emphases each time, the following:

Ten Surah Challenge: ‘Or do they say, “He invented it”? Say, “Then bring ten surahs like it that have been invented and call upon [for assistance] whomever you can besides Allah, if you should be truthful.”‘ (Qur’an 11:13)

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On how Identity can Mind-Lead you away from Truth

Mind-Lead from Truth

Often the ‘truth’ in what someone says (with mouth)

Is unheard (by ears),

When we see (with eyes)

The speaker is not of our own kind (with our minds, closed).


By Arif uz Zaman

January 2013

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Kill Them with Love

For more from Boonaa Mohammed, go to boonaa.com

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Your Wonderful World

This was written over ten years ago, prior to September 11th. I was surprised to read (years later) how its import is as relevant now as then – if not more so.

This is dedicated specifically to the Western citizen (who is the protagonist) and more generally to the Citizens of the world.

wonderful world

How I wonder at it all.

At the end of the Millennium,

How bravely the champion of time stands out

From the rubble that is the world, and rises from the West.

His face swept by the winds of struggles and the people watching,

The survivors, liberated by the world’s hero,

Cheering and waving the banners.

How I wonder at the sheer strength and courage.

I wonder.

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A Muslim Apolo-gy/-getics to the non Muslim

truth is lies

Where I talk about political social existential-intellections, I’m sorry,

When addressing the Americans, the British or the Western nations,

And all,

In that I make an imperative dis-entangling identification

Of 1) the governments that check and creep,

Supposedly representing you in its grip;

2) The mainstream media that drive subtle

Propaganda tanks for it, allowing only banks and

Powers with vested interests speak

In precise, shock and awe, droning bullet points; –

And 3) you – a pawn in their efficient ‘Venus’-fly by war machine.

Forgive me, but you must see what I mean.

To me, you and we are prime

Co-citizens of the world, post-nationalist,

Inter cultural,

Saluting the ethical life,

Good Crusader-good Jihadist[1] struggling for peace[2],

Well meaning until you die.

That’s why I write to you.

Please think. Don’t waste your breath in life

Actioning out their lies.

Seek Truth[3].

For the sake of Love[4], I love you.

Until I die.


Arif uz Zaman

January, 2013

For the poem ‘Rules of Inter-Communication 1’ click here.

To see how Identity can Mind-Led us away from Truth, please click.

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The Great Game of Life

Great Game

Part 1

This world is yours; this world is mine:
The oil in Arabia is yours, the soil of America is mine,
The walls of China is yours, the sacred cow of India is mine…
The list could go on, but
What is mine is yours;
What is yours is mine.
That is the truth of brotherhood.
And truth is always good.
Please don’t claim the world as your own
And nor will I, my friend.
Actually it is ours, isn’t it?
Yes, there are boundaries set
By Kings and politicians in days of yore,
But that is politics, as you know.
Don’t tell me you thought politics was what is actual.
Actualities is a different thing entirely.
I have wondered whether we could transcend the old politics.
Burn the passport!
We have newer, firmer, fairer identities.
You gasp?


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Western Literature for the Muslim; Islamic Literature for the West

An Introduction to Approaching a Tradition

When reading Western literature as a Muslim born to the West how should I respond? Surely one would respond to literature in the same way whether it were Western, Eastern, Northern or Southern. No?

Well actually, Western literature has a special significance (as opposed to most of the other ‘types’ indicated above). This is due to how Continue reading


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