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Are you a Christian or Paulinian?

Spot the difference: 1) “Worship God,” Said Jesus (as); 2) “Worship God, Jesus, Holy Ghost – who are three persons in one,” said Paul; 3) “Worship God,” said Muhammad (s)


christian or paulinian



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Four Sayings of Jesus (peace be upon him) in Islamic Tradition



Jesus was known to have said, “Virtuous action does not consist in doing good to someone who has done good to you—that is merely returning a favor. Virtuous action consists in doing good to those who have wronged you.”

(A h m a d )

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Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) In The Bible 2 [Prophets 4 of 4]

Please check: Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the Bible (1 of 2)

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Prophet Moses and Prophet Jesus (peace on them) used to pray like Muslims… [Prophets 1 of 4]

The purpose for sharing this Youtube video was simply to demonstrate an important point of similarity: the manner of worship retained within the bible mirrors more the Islamic manner of worship than, for instance, the current Christian varieties.

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Jesus vs Muhammad

Peace to Jesus

Peace to Muhammad

#NoHaters (Check out this link)


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Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus

This is the Muslim, spoken-word version.

This was originally posted by talkislam. I have inserted the initial blurb from their ‘About’ section:

“A poem I wrote to highlight the difference between Jesus and false religion. This is not an attack upon Christians, so please don’t take this as offensive, it’s just a means of education and let people know what Jesus was truly sent with. Jesus is a Prophet of Islam, yet a God of Christianity. In Islam God is all Powerful, But in Christianity God was overpowered and crucified on the cross, how can the Almighty God be overpowered, these are just examples for people to think about, we are not forcing you to believe, just ponder and question. The Quran is the final testament, Muhammad is the final Messenger. Islam is the final religion, so no I dont Hate Islam. One God, One God only, He does not beget nor was he begotten, He is the GREATEST. And has no partners. (Holy Quran Ch 112)

Facebook: talkislam

Twitter: #spokenwordmuslim

The following is a video response to bball1989’s video ‘Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus – Spoken Word’.”


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