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Why the Son of an Izraeli General is Speaking for Palestine

Why is this video important?

  • The speaker is a Jewish son of an Izraeli general.
  • The speaker was born and raised in Izrael
  • The speaker’s own 13-year old niece was killed by suicide bombers (watch from 28:20)
  • This is a Jewish perspective (albeit not a Zcionist version) on the history of modern Izrael
  • This is not a religious Jewish perspective, but a secular Jewish perspective

Put ego’s aside for a more earnest search towards a viable starting point…

Why do I use the word ‘Izrael‘ and Zcionism‘? Please click here. Continue reading


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Rabbis for Palestine: a one state solution for all

To see how America supports Izrael [a MUST SEE if you’re an American]… Continue reading

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Jewish Rabbi talks about Islam

A very interesting video. I initially wondered why would a Rabbi be saying this? His thoughts do tie up with my thoughts on Izrael.

For possible answers please check out here Continue reading


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Izrael Hacked: Anonymous’ Act of Protest

“One of the paradoxes or ironies of the Izrael-Palestine conflict is that although we’re often told it’s a uniquely intricate and complex conflict and the solutions to it are so elusive and difficult

in fact as conflicts go in the world its probably the least complex, the most simple and the most easily resolved which is one of the things that makes studying the conflict so frustrating

because in my opinion if the public knew the real facts there would be a clear path to finally finding a resolution of the conflict…”

Prof. Finkelstein

WATCH What Will Bring Peace to the Middle East?

with Professor Norman Finkelstein & Hamza Tzortzis –

Watch from: 3:28-4:28 Continue reading

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Izrael (Think ii – 1 of 7)



What’s in the name? That which we call ‘Izrael’

By any other name would reek not death

As is the weed, diseased by way of hap and hazard

On stolen soil, polluting the holy surroundings

Pro patria mori

To profound morbid profanities.



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AIPAC – What Americans Should Know… (Think i: 2 of 4)

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