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A conversation with women in Saudi Arabia

Valuable film and timely post. Jazakillahu khairan sister.

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Assalamu alaikum (peace be with you) dear readers,

The post I planned to write today is going to be superseded by sharing a clip that I think is vital to share. Especially given the rather troublesome news I received today. I am signed on to the NCCM, National Council of Canadian Muslims (if you are a Canadian Muslim and not part of this organization, I highly suggest you join them or support them in some capacity) mailing list, and came home to find in my inbox a condemnation issued by NCCM of the senseless attack on Canadian officers today in Quebec, by a self-proclaimed recent convert to Islam. Linked here.

This was alarming, the last thing one wants to see is a trend of radicalization in this peaceful country. There also seems to be a trend of new ‘converts’ to Islam joining a radical understanding of the faith. Easy to…

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You were not created for 56 inch television sets

“You were not created for 56 inch television sets with Netflix to watch movies until you drop dead. I’m serious.

You were not created to play solitaire on your computer.

That’s not the purpose of all of this technology.

You were created to know your Lord.

You were created to study.

You were created to delve deeply into the meaning of your very existence

in whatever capacity you have because different peoples have different capacities.

So the Prophet (saw) told us there will be tribulations and we should be aware of this…”

Hamza Yusuf


A more recent recording of a short lecture by Hamza Yusuf (You can tell that by the white in the beard). Actually the lecture was in September 2012 (discovered through the comments section).


Some good advice/thoughts, here, on how to deal with the difficulties that are coming as part of the Last Days scenario.

With an amusing finish.


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Muslims Mis-Communicating the Healing for All?

When watching this again recently, I felt it responded (loosely) one or two questions posited by the Viking Girl (Anne-Merete) in this post.

This is an interview with Hamza Yusuf (a while ago) entitled: “Why I Came to Islam” and is the 2nd part.

I deliberately inserted part 2 of this video-link for the reasons above. (You are free to watch part 1 the precedes this one and part 3 that follows it.)

*NOTE* the original video was deleted, so I’ve uploaded a more recent (and full-length) one, here. The MIddle section is the ‘important bit’ that I commented on, below:

Key Contents:

  1. For REVERTS: Do you have moments of doubt after coming into Islam? (Watch HY’s response).
  2. On modern communitarianism – who are trying to re-establish communities [now that communities have diminished in the modern world].
  3. Provincialism is a problem – so dealing with difference is dealing with different people in a way that is not alienating.
  4. Later: Why have Muslims not been effective in communicating their worldview in recent times?
  5. Modern reformers and deformers…
  6. Pride and arrogance is a problem: the solution is in humility. That is: submit until lesson is learnt.
  7. “La ilaha ilallah.” Does this statement guarantee your redemption? No. Probably not. Words and actions.
  8. Problem with Christian-bashing…
  9. The healers…
  10. Victimisation is a dead-end road
  11. Colonial systems: governments created by colonists have ‘shot down’ traditional enlightened systems
  12. Medinan template
  13. Disease is ‘ignorance’.
  14. Weltanschauung: the vision (the understanding and morality)
  15. Separation of ‘deen’ (personal piety, or transaction with God) and ‘millah’ (which is how to function as a collective body) is a problem.
  16. Consumption – the idol of the age.



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