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Rules of Inter-Communication 3


“The rules for having a productive and insightful conversation across religious and cultural lines are not all that different than the rules for having meaningful interpersonal relationships.”1


I stand on one side of the space

– This “great divide” –

From the other, where stand you…


I, a part of my culture,

You a part of yours.

You see how representing our own we only ever appear

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Rules of Inter-Communication 2

war of words

Three ways to Fail – Versus – One way to Succeed

When we decide to discuss in two-way conversation – let us first define our terms to discourse.

What is the purpose for our communication?

In that is already the answer you’re speaking for: Continue reading


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Discussing Islam; Discussing Modernity

Why is there so much discussion as to what constitutes ‘Islam’ or what constitutes ‘modernity’? And is the discussion a healthy thing? This a two-fold question with a two-fold answer.

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