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Islam in the First Civilisations: 1. The Mesopotamian Religion


Who were the Mesopotamians?

From the simplicity of prehistoric life, complex societies began to emerge in the third millennium BCE, The Mesopotamians is a designation that incorporates four main groups of people: the Sumerians, the Akkadians, the Babylonians and the Assyrians over a period of over three thousand years.

Time Periods

Group of People:

4500 – 1900 BCE

The Sumerians

2334 – 2154 BCE

The Akkadians

1895 BC – 539 BCE

The Babylonians

2500 BC – 609 BCE

The Assyrians

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Prehistoric Beliefs – islam before Islam 1

Early Man was Religious

We have very little facts about prehistoric beliefs. This is a problem.

“The first semblance of religious practices began in the Paleolithic period, which occurred roughly from 2.6 million years ago and lasted until 10,000 years ago… it was during this expansive time period that the first ancestors and relatives of modern humans began to bury their dead. Specifically, around 300,000 years ago. The practice of burying the dead indicates a belief in or fascination with the concept of an afterlife.”1

So it seems that with the advent of humanity, there is certainly evidence of a belief in an afterlife. However, there are massive problems with trying to make further assertions one way or another during this time period.

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