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Anjem Choudary Supporter Confronted by Shamsi

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What on Earth is Epistemicide?

Epistemicide: n.

1. “The killing of other knowledge systems.” (cf. ‘Decolonization of knowledge, epitemecide, participatory research and higher education’ by Hall and Tandon (2017)).

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Is Humanity Better Off Without Religion?

A brilliant debate. A must watch video.


Public Debate: Is Humanity Better Off Without Religion? Dr Robert Stovold vs Abdullah al Andalusi –

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The Little Muslims

There is nothing more heart-breaking than a couple who works 10 hours a day so that some CEO would make money while their own kids cannot eat a warm, home-made meal because at the end of the workday the parents are too exhausted to even chat with their children. They don’t have time to spend the money in family activities. When we sacrifice our family for our work, we cannot even feel good about climbing up the ladder at work, knowing deep inside that this ‘success’ comes at the expense of our family.

The vicious cycle of consumption is largely responsible for this:

To stop this vicious cycle, we need to stop over consuming. That is the only place in the cycle where we have control. This way we do not need to work excessive hours to buy (and over-consume).  We can choose not to make that much money and…

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Western Literature for the Muslim; Islamic Literature for the West

An Introduction to Approaching a Tradition

When reading Western literature as a Muslim born to the West how should I respond? Surely one would respond to literature in the same way whether it were Western, Eastern, Northern or Southern. No?

Well actually, Western literature has a special significance (as opposed to most of the other ‘types’ indicated above). This is due to how Continue reading


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The Problem with Modern Schooling

This slideshow has been prepared to paraphrase the key ideas from John Taylor Gatto’s book “Dumbing us Down” about mainstream education. This will be useful for the inquisitive individual, parents and anyone in the field of education:

Problem with Modern Schooling


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