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Ye Olde British Value of Hijab

The Normans in England:

1066 to 1485 CE

This diagram comes from a book about ‘The Normans’. Though it’s for kids, the consultants for the book included Professor of History, J.C. Holt, from the University of Reading. In this section it talks about Norman dress for the ladies. It explains about the ‘wimple’ – which, in my opinion, is basically hijab that would be worn as part of ‘being modest’.

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Islam in the First Civilisations: 4. The Hittite Civilisation

The Aryans were the ancestors to a race of people as diverse as the Indians, the Iranians and the Europeans. This study on the Hittites hopes to glean any evidence from historical sources that demonstrate what the Qur’an claims about previous nations being sent messengers with earlier forms of Islam. You may be surprised with some of the findings, herein.

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Shirkification. What is it?

Many may not know what the Islamic concept of shirk is (please continue reading). Related to this term are other related and important terms. They include the likes of ‘shirkification’, ‘yushriku’ and ‘idol-isation’. But what exactly are they?

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