“WAS JESUS A MUSLIM?” is not a fair question

The question, “‘WAS JESUS A MUSLIM?’ [is] not a fair question” according to Yusuf Estes.

He explains, that this question “is in two languages! It needs to be in ONE language – NOT TWO!”

He suggests it is better to translate the Arabic words into English to get at what is really the question being asked. For instance:

“Did Jesus believe in One God, without gods beside Him in worship, and did Jesus submit to God Almighty, in sincerity and peace and do God’sWill on earth as it is in Heaven?”

Yes, it is a longer question. But the answer is closer in the right direction. How? In the way Jesus (peace be upon him) submitted to God, is just like the way we ought to. And ‘Submission unto God’ is the translation and meaning of ‘Islam’.


Further information:


The indefatigable Yusuf Estes (mashaAllah)


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