The Poetry of ModWestMuse


Trying to find that book for believers (and non-believers) both literary in style but Islamic in character and that deals with the challenge of Modernity?

Announcing the arrival of my first published book of poetry entitled, ‘The Poetry of ModWestMuse‘.


  • If you have a lurve of poetry;
  • If you possess a deep interest in the clash, cohesion or co-existence between the worlds of Islam and the worlds of the Secular Liberal West;
  • If you are engaged with ideas, concepts, schools of thoughts and the power of principles, then…

…this truly is The Book for you! – Or, indeed, a gift for someone you know.

Great Reasons to Buy:

  • Trying to find that book for believers, that challenges their literary tastes but also conveys Islamic meaning – especially about these so-called ‘Modern’ times?
  • Consider this as a present for the book-worms in your family – or extended family – with an avid interest in deep and meaningful themes!
  • Or for curious non-Muslims who love to read about Islamic ideas and Secular Liberal thought.

Presenting you something both creative and unique, alhamdulillah.

The Blurb:

The poetry of ModWestMuse is an endeavour to vocalise a different perspective to our Modern condition in our present Western-led context whilst conceiving one’s starting point from the basis of Truth (Islam). The connection between the ‘Muse’ and ‘Muslim’ was made from the onset. The former was meant as ‘the source of inspiration’ or, indeed, ‘the one who interacts with this inspiration’; whilst the latter was meant as the one that interacts with the revelation of Islam. Indeed, the ‘Muse’ has cultural significance to the West as being a reference to the Ancient Greek notions of inspiration, which connects to the functionality of Abrahamic revelation. Moreover, the Romantic movement that sought to re-connect man to the ‘divinity of Nature’ was a flawed project precisely because of the pagan (shirk) associations inherent in the moves to Deism. This collection of poems hopes to connect us back, instead, to the inexorable Truth of Islam.

A. u. Zaman is a writer travelling across the deadscape of Modernities to speak of the travails of the ‘ever-present’ condition, in order to seek True Life by traversing them.

Click on the AMAZON-LINK right HERE for ‘The Poetry of ModWestMuse’!



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