Transhumanism and Islam: A Teaser

“Can modern technology make us superhumans? Will we ever defeat death by means of advanced bioengineering? Can we upload our minds onto a computer and become digitally immortal?

“These questions used to be the subject of lot of Science Fiction movies, but now as science progresses, scientists are seriously considering to make some of these ideas a reality. Millions of dollars are being spent in research and engineering projects surrounding this race to become larger than life. As Artificial Intelligence takes over most of our lives in the modern world, serious questions need answers. Science is incapable of foreseeing the end result of this power it has unleashed. Philosophy can only so much as reason the odds. It has to be something that transcends time and can give us a vision of how the future will look.

“The miracle of the Quran is that it explains all things – past, present and future. We believe that as Muslims we need to take the Quran as our lens to view the world. In doing so we can then address the challenges facing humanity at large.” (SOURCE: the blurb from the video, above. Presenting the first official teaser of our Episode 2 of Project Equidistance – A documentary series on Science and Islam.)

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What is Transhumanism?

“The belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.” (SOURCE)

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