Humans Need Not Apply

A fifteen-minute documentary outlining how robot technology as part of the project of ‘Western’-led Modernity will, to all intents and purposes, make us obsolete.

Food for thought.

The old adage ‘Philosophy is the handmaiden of Theology’ might be re-phrased to ‘Science is the handmaiden of Humanity’ – that is to say, always, science was the tool of humankind. We were in control of it. We are in control of it. Are we? Are we not losing control? Or handing over our control. Willingly? Isn’t science supposed to serve us? The documentary projects forward just a little bit and seems to paint a picture of the near-future, to present a place where we might very well serve science (read as technology). Or thought in another way, whoever is in control of this science, technology will be the dominant ones. The message is a daunting one since those in control can only ever be a few. This raises a whole host of other questions.

The actual point of the documentary is to show how jobs will become more and more scarce in a future world as human productivity becomes a thing of the past. What role humans will play as part of employment is not defined in this video. However, two films come to mind when watching it: The Terminator and the Matrix.

The Rise of the Machines


“The matrix is a system Neo, that system is our enemy.” Morpheus.

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