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Taking Exception to Shadi Hamid’s Islamic Exceptionalism

Is there a Mono-Modernity or are there Multiple Modernities? Establishing this first will then lead us to ask further questions…

Faheem A. Hussain

Published at MENA etc. on 09/12/2016.

It takes a brave person to comment on the Middle East, one never knows when a crisis will erupt that threaten to render one’s judgment obsolete. Since first reading Shadi Hamid’s Islamic Exceptionalism [1], Turkey’s AK Party have suffered an attempted failed coup orchestrated by parts of Turkey’s military, and Tunisian Islamists rebranded as Muslim Democrats, events dramatic enough to render chapters from the book out of date. However because Shadi Hamid, Senior Fellow of the Brookings Institution and author of the Temptations of Power, is one of the most thoughtful commentators on the Middle East one can be confident that his new book Islamic Exceptionalism[2] will remain relevant longer than most.

The book principally examines four manifestations of Islamism in the Middle East: the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood after the coup, An-Nahda party in Tunisia, the AK Party…

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Get Rich for Allah: Reflection (Modern Muslim 5 of 8)

‘Get Rich for Allah’ was a video made by William Barylo and was posted in a previous post, HERE. This post is a reponse to it after considering the way it presented its points.

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The Goal of the Shari‘ah is Justice, Not Equality — Blogging Theology

Equality = the status of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities; the same: people should be treated equally. This is unfair and immoral.

Equity = the quality of being fair; just: people should be treated justly. This is fair and moral.

IN SPEAKING OF JUSTICE, many well-intended Muslims are unconsciously secularised. For their discourse about justice (Ar. ‘adl, qist) is so often scarred by failing to grasp its Quranic essence: ‘To put a thing in its rightful place.’1 Which is to say, justice is to give things their proper due – at the due time, the due place, and in due measure. This requires possessing knowledge […]

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June 15, 2019 · 4:40 pm

Reading as a Philosopher

“But I had a problem. I did not know how to read philosophy. I did not know how to connect reasons to conclusions, track changes in voice, decipher nuance, evaluate arguments, or use the text to critique my own views. I knew how to read so as to extract information that I might be asked to regurgitate at some later point, but I didn’t know how to read as philosophers read… What follows is a top 10 list of the things I wish I had known when I started reading philosophy.”

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Reverse Racism

This is Aamer Rahman. This is his ‘Reverse Racism’ comedy sketch.

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Transhumanism and Islam: A Teaser

“Can modern technology make us superhumans? Will we ever defeat death by means of advanced bioengineering? Can we upload our minds onto a computer and become digitally immortal?

“These questions used to be the subject of lot of Science Fiction movies, but now as science progresses, scientists are seriously considering to make some of these ideas a reality. Millions of dollars are being spent in research and engineering projects surrounding this race to become larger than life. As Artificial Intelligence takes over most of our lives in the modern world, serious questions need answers. Science is incapable of foreseeing the end result of this power it has unleashed. Philosophy can only so much as reason the odds. It has to be something that transcends time and can give us a vision of how the future will look.

“The miracle of the Quran is that it explains all things – past, present and future. We believe that as Muslims we need to take the Quran as our lens to view the world. In doing so we can then address the challenges facing humanity at large.” (SOURCE: the blurb from the video, above. Presenting the first official teaser of our Episode 2 of Project Equidistance – A documentary series on Science and Islam.)

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Humans Need Not Apply

A fifteen-minute documentary outlining how robot technology as part of the project of ‘Western’-led Modernity will, to all intents and purposes, make us obsolete.

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Why Materialism Fails

“Philosopher, Jay Richards, defines materialism, discusses how it has impacted us, explains why it shouldn’t be confused with science, and analyzes why it ultimately fails as an explanation…” (SOURCE: From the blub on the associated YouTube channel)

Jay Richards, PhD, is an Analyic philosopher and the Assistant Professor at The Catholic University of America.

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The Miracle of Miswak

Excerpts from ‘Miswak – Nature’s Toothbrush’:

“The latest craze surrounding the miswak is the packaging of miswak extracts into a toothpaste tube that anyone can purchase and use with their plastic toothbrushes. There are also stores that are selling authentic miswak sticks to anyone who is interested…

“A study was done recently in Saudi Arabia that demonstrated the ability of miswak to clean teeth vs a standard plastic toothbrush. It turns out that it cleans as well as your standard run of the mill plastic toothbrush…” See the rest of this article HERE.

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Robert Spencer Knows A Lot About Mislam… Not Islam


What is the difference between Information and Misinformation?

INFORMATION: Facts provided or learned about something or someone.

  • Example: ‘a vital piece of information’

  • Synonyms: details, particulars, facts, figures, statistics, data


MISINFORMATION: False or inaccurate information, especially that which is deliberately intended to deceive.

  • Example: ‘nuclear matters are often entangled in a web of secrecy and misinformation’

  • Synonyms: disinformation, false information, misleading information, deception


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