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Get Rich for Allah (Modern Muslim 4 of 8)

Neoliberliasm and the Muslim Diaspora

“Muslim sociologist, William Barylo, explains in this video what neoliberalism is and how it has commercialised Islam into a “brand” according to its economic and political worldview.” (SOURCE)

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Decolonising Qur’anic Studies

Excellent video talking about the need to counter the neo-colonial foundations of Western-led study of Islam and the Qur’an in particular.

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Islam in the First Civilisations: 1. The Mesopotamian Religion


Who were the Mesopotamians?

From the simplicity of prehistoric life, complex societies began to emerge in the third millennium BCE, The Mesopotamians is a designation that incorporates four main groups of people: the Sumerians, the Akkadians, the Babylonians and the Assyrians over a period of over three thousand years.

Time Periods

Group of People:

4500 – 1900 BCE

The Sumerians

2334 – 2154 BCE

The Akkadians

1895 BC – 539 BCE

The Babylonians

2500 BC – 609 BCE

The Assyrians

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The ‘Religion’ of Atheism

This video talks about the New Atheists, but what was most interesting in it was when Professor Blankinship talked about the radical historical doubt that even queries the historicity of the nineteenth century, let alone the ancient and medieval periods (and the implicit absurdity in the line of reasoning that its adherents go through to try and ‘prove’ their point of view).

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