An Unexpected Phone Call

Very interesting short clip. MashaAllah.

Three thoughts:

1. The first picture on the video is simply the Arabic of the shahadah, which has been hijacked by ISIS. This is not – in origin or in essence – anything to do with ISIS (see point 5, here). Conclusion: Please don’t get side-tracked about the pic.

2. When the older lady mentions ‘fanaticism’, this is a reference to ‘extremism’. She highlights that Islam is NOT about extremism. I agree. I’d point out that it is Muslims who can be affected by extremism – because they are human. Conclusion: Muslims need to get back to Islam and not their whims (desires) despite the extreme situations they find themselves in – like when they are droned, bombed, invaded etc. Conclusion: Do ‘what is right’. Not ‘what you feel’.

Question: How do we (Muslim or non-Muslim) establish what is right? Good question. (To be answered later.)

3. The older lady mentions surah Baqarah (Qur’an, surah 2). Please read it here.

Old Phone Isolated



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5 responses to “An Unexpected Phone Call

  1. Richard William Posner

    How do we (Muslim or non-Muslim) establish what is right?

    I personally feel the every human being knows the difference between right and wrong as knowledge we are born with.

    To do what is right is not a difficult thing. Dealing with the consequences is another story. Ask Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden or anyone, from any “civilised culture“, who has spoken truth to power loudly enough to actually be heard.

    How do we do what is right? In those cases where doing so threatens those who profit by doing what is wrong, we do right at great personal risk.

    If one “believes” in “martyrdom“, such sacrifice, in doing what is right, should be seen as the only sort of action that might create an authentic “martyr“.

    Just my opinion


    • Hey Richard! You’re back! Good to hear from you, man. I hope your father is doing ok.

      As usual, your points are insightful.

      Hope you don’t mind, but I’m hoping to discuss the ‘what is ‘doing right’?’ question in a later post. You’ve taken – I guess – a more political angle focussed on action. Mine is to examine what it is we’re talking about when we want to ‘establish what is right’ and will possibly be focussed on terms (that precede the action).



      • Richard William Posner

        Yes, I’ve decided to resume my ranting. Just can’t seem to help myself.

        Thank you for your wishes regarding my father. His disease is “progressing” as its name dictates. He is steadily losing control of his motor functions as brain cells are being destroyed. This experience with him has added another dimension to my “education“.

        I feel I have…shifted…to a somewhat different plane since I shut down “The Baby And The Bathwater“. I feel a bit less constrained by the need to address all the “issues that serve to distract one from their source. I think I’ve finally learned to see the forest rather than the trees.

        Why would I mind? I look forward to your examination of how we “establish what is right“. As I indicated, I think we are born knowing the difference between right and wrong – good and evil if you will. But, I suppose, as we become acculturated, we seem determined to invent social structures and hierarchies that muddy the waters with “legal” and “religious” concepts, which serve more to manipulate us than to “teach” us what is right.

        In any event, I’ll doubtless add my two cents worth in comments on the post once it’s up.


      • Your ‘ranting’ is very intriguing so keep writing. You left a big hole in cyberspace when you went btw.

        Your idea of ‘shift’ is appropriate for me too. Though where I’m heading or what is its manifestation I’ve not yet quite worked out. But you know the feeling when you’ve got the ball (a notion, an idea) and you’re running with it (until it or you run out of steam). I guess I’m somewhere there.

        Your comments are always welcome, of course 🙂


      • Richard William Posner

        Thank you. I hope you won’t be disappointed.

        I always enjoyed our conversations in the past and look forward to doing the same in the future.

        Of course you know we’re all ultimately heading to the same destination. It’s how we each chose to make the journey that makes things interesting.

        When you find a moment, take a look at this for an idea what final conclusions my years of self-education have led to.

        Thanks for your kind invitation. I’ll almost certainly be a regular visitor.

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