When the walls come tumbling down


For Dr Chris Allen in response to this



One looked upon the walls the ignorant and desperate had built.

The wall itself was building

Words upon words


Shouting, cursing, gossiping, sneering, and laughing


Hate and greed and profiteering from propaganda, lies and spin…

His companion then spoke gently

To finally bring the truth in:

“Assault [prejudice] at the (proper) Gate: when once ye are in, victory will be yours; but on God put your trust if ye have faith.”

A clarion call.

And the walls came down, a-tumbling.



The day follows the night even as it follows the other.


Despite appearances of dark, Wisdom’s not fooled:

Reality is lit large – like sun-burst brightens day;

Like night glows off the moon;

Tomorrow’s… yesterdays…

The future is always open despite the presence of closure.

So when it’s cold, share your warmth of heaven, my brother;

And when it’s hot as hell, worry not. Jus’ keep your cool.

sun moon


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