Are you a Christian or Paulinian?

Spot the difference: 1) “Worship God,” Said Jesus (as); 2) “Worship God, Jesus, Holy Ghost – who are three persons in one,” said Paul; 3) “Worship God,” said Muhammad (s)


christian or paulinian


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4 responses to “Are you a Christian or Paulinian?

  1. Roparzh Hemon

    You do not even bother to provide references for your ugly speech about Christians.

    Is your contempt of Christians so great that you do not bother to apply the following rules to them :

    2. Silence is better than ugly speech: Don’t talk if you are going to be abusive, rude or you feel too emotionally involved (anger, despair, melancholy). You are likely to talk less logically and more caustically. Silence is better.

    3. Make an Admission: In the event that we aren’t able to engage formally in gaining knowledge or if we are in the process of learning, but not yet experts/ scholars/ masters, when discussing the knowledge we’ve acquired thus far, we should preface our words to people with: a) “I am not an expert,” b) “This is merely my opinion, perspective, effort to reason given what I’ve learned/know so far,” or c) “Don’t quote me,” and d) “For a fuller/ better/ correct explanation, talk to an expert, like … (and insert the name of an appropriate/genuine scholar, here.)”


    • Hello.
      This was actually originally a repost of Paul William’s post, which contained a meme with some of the references you require. Paul’s site used to be but he changed his site address so the meme has disappeared. Thank you for pointing this out.

      His site is now Please check it out, as his site talks a lot about Jesus (peace be on him) and his original message in the Bible (which is in line with Islamic notions) and which differs from the version St Paul relays. His site draws on a range of authors and references. In matters to do with Christianity I often defer to him.

      Feel free to also check out

      Check out this video where it outlines how 82% of the Bible was written by St Paul. The speaker (Khalid Yasin, I think) mentions the Red Letter bible that highlights the actual words spoken by Jesus, which corresponds more to Muslim versions of what Jesus was said to have said.

      Yusha (Joshua) Evans has a lot to say on this subject too. See here.

      (Please note, I’ve hunted around for that missing meme and found a tiny version of it and have inserted it into this post, now that the original one that Paul Williams posted has disappeared.)

      Kind regards.


  2. Hans Petter

    I too have an objection to this. Peter was one of Jesus’ diciples whom Jesus achnowledged several times (like in John 21:15-19 and Matt 16:15-20). If Paul’s preaching is contradictory from what Jesus said, why then does Peter in 2. Peter 3:15-16 recognize Paul as a “dear brother” who “wrote you with the wisdom that God gave him”?


    • The simple answer: 2. Peter is pseudepigraphical. (“The pseudonymity of II Pet is more certain than that of any other NT work.” in ‘Introduction to the New Testament’ by Raymond E. Brown. Page 767.)
      The longer answer is to emphasise that there was a dispute between Paul and Peter when “certain men came from James… [and] when they arrived, he began to draw back and separate himself from [Paul, in effect].” (cf. Galatians 2:11–13 ) The resolution of the two implied in 2.Peter is convenient but dubious (and therefore unlikely in my opinion) because of its pseudepigraphical status.


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