The ‘Informed’ and ‘Expert’ Way of Writing Islamophobically about Islam


A great quote from David Rosser Owen‘s Facebook page:

I think I ought to start my own “Atlas Shrugs”-type website, dedicated to exposing Russia, its literature, history, and religion.

I’m as well qualified as Ms Geller. I don’t have any Russian to speak of, and what little I had I’ve largely forgotten. But, and here’s the cruncher, I read a bad English translation (from a French translation) by Clara Bell of Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy’s “Voyna i Mir” (War and Peace) back in the 1960s, and I saw one or two episodes of the BBC TV series “War and Peace” (Anthony Hopkins as Pierre) in the early 1970s.

So, like all those people who have no Arabic and have never really read the Quran and hence their ability to tell the world about Islam and Muslims, I’m eminently qualified to pontificate about Lt Col Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin KGB (retd), the Russian Orthodox Church, Russian attitudes to the Far East and Eastern Europe, and late 19th Century Russian literature about the Napoleonic War.

It should be a bust. All sorts of people who also know bugger all about Russia will be quoting me. I’ll become the main source of knowledge about Russia for the members of various British political parties. I might even get the French to expel all Russians and people with Russian surnames,… and ban the wearing of the ushanka.

I’ll be famous.



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4 responses to “The ‘Informed’ and ‘Expert’ Way of Writing Islamophobically about Islam

  1. This guy nailed down exactly where to draw the line between bloody-minded Islamophobia and sensible criticism of Islam.


  2. David Kemball-Cook

    Pamela Gellar uses Robert Spencer a lot, and Robert Spencer knows a lot more about Islam than many (most?) Muslims.


    • I was hoping to do a post on Robert Spencer. I might use this as an opportunity to give you a response via that post. (But I am known to take a while between posts. Sorry.)

      I think we can agree that Spencer is more intelligent than Geller. (That doesn’t necessarily mean much.) But in terms of ‘knowing’ – there is a difference, I believe, between ‘knowing information’ (which can be spun, twisted) and ‘knowledge’ (wisdom, which is earnestly about Truth).

      Thank you for taking your time to comment.


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