The Killings of Tony Blair


“Some people make a living, others make a killing” – an exclusive new documentary on Tony Blair which will break unexplored ground.


Watch George Galloway’s MUST-WATCH Promo TRAILER, here, which includes updates in the form of text and videos.


The film will chart three killings of Tony Blair:

1. His killing of the Labour Party;

2. His killing of more than a million people in Iraq and Afghanistan;

3. His financial killing – the money he’s making from it all!


The enterprise is hoped to be the first step to try Tony Blair for War Crimes at the Hague.


This documentary was entirely raised by Crowd-Funding. They reached their target within 5 days – but are still accepting donations (via Paypal) to make this as polished a film as possible.


The recent appearance of Tony Blair on the news once again – and his essay, making the case for involvement in the war in Iraq – again! – is interesting in terms of its timing. Perhaps this (his re-appearance) is his way to side-step and undermine the film that is projected to be released in 2015. (On IMDB, the release date is March 2015, but is more likely to be Autumn or Winter 2015, based on a recent update, here.) Perhaps Tony Blair is beginning his own PR campaign with his trademark ‘spin’. Will YOU be deceived by anything he says again?


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My Quick Link-Post: Tony Blair and Iraq – The Damning Evidence




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