Why the Son of an Izraeli General is Speaking for Palestine

Why is this video important?

  • The speaker is a Jewish son of an Izraeli general.
  • The speaker was born and raised in Izrael
  • The speaker’s own 13-year old niece was killed by suicide bombers (watch from 28:20)
  • This is a Jewish perspective (albeit not a Zcionist version) on the history of modern Izrael
  • This is not a religious Jewish perspective, but a secular Jewish perspective

Put ego’s aside for a more earnest search towards a viable starting point…

Why do I use the word ‘Izrael‘ and Zcionism‘? Please click here.

The Key Points:

The Two Myths of the Need for Izrael (1:30)

1. The Right of Return (2:03) – If Jews have the ‘right of return’, then what about the displaced Palestinians who were expelled by the Zcionists in recent times? Double standards?

2. King David and the problem of historicity (4:06) (and at 22:20 – history has to be re-written to connect modern Izrael to the ancient Hebrews of King David, and by omitting Palestinian/Muslim history in the meantime).

The National Narrative Myths:

MYTH 1: The Problem of the hatred of Jews and Muslims has been around for 1000s of years IS NOT TRUE. (watch 5.50 onwards)


Rather its origin is much more recent. (56:58: It is a problem that rose out of the nationalism of the 19th Century [Early European Modernity – my words]).

MYTH 2: Palestinians rejected the UN partition plan – so it’s ‘their fault’. But the plan was ridiculous because… (watch 6:55 onwards)

MYTH 3: The Palestinians attacked (with massive armies) the new state of Izrael, FIRST, in 1947… is a myth.

SO Izrael was forced (apparently) to defend itself… (watch 8:09 onwards)

But a Palestinian quasi-army only came about by May 1948…   So “much of the ethnic cleansing had already taken place (in the year, between May 1947 to May1948)…” (watch 9:58 onwards)

SO Izrael was allowed (apparently) to take Palestinian homes… (watch 12:00)

MYTH 4: Izrael was attacked FIRST by three massive Arab armies in the 1967 War… is a myth

The Egyptian army was not prepared and the Izraelis carried out a pre-emptive strike. There was NO threat. (watch 16:00 onwards)

19:00: There were talks of peace… but simultaneously there was expansion and ethnic cleansing in the West Bank and Gaza.

24:35: Only in 1993 did the Izraelis agree to negotiate with the Palestinians. But this was because they had made their conquest irreversible – so there was no place anymore for a Palestinian State to exist.

MYTH 5: Palestinians are NOT able to make concessions. Palestinians DO NOT want peace… is a myth (watch 25:30 onwards)

Izrael tried to force Arafat (of the PLO in 2000) to sign a ‘peace’ agreement that would complete his surrender:

He was willing to give up 80% of his Homeland and even agree to the fact that the exiled Palestinians would never be able to return to their Homeland and be compensated – all in the name of peace. But the Izraelis wanted more. And he would not agree to that, so Arafat was vilified.

“In other words, this was ALL (made out to be) Arafat’s fault.”

“It’s not that the Palestinians aren’t able to make concessions. It’s that Izrael is incapable of making concessions.” (27:34)

When Miko Peled’s niece was killed

When the Miko’s niece was killed, his niece’s mother (Miko’s sister) said two things:

1. About revenge: “No real mother would want this to happen to another mother. Don’t talk to me about revenge…”

2. (30:10) “My government is responsible. My government brought these two young men to such a level of despair that they would take their own lives AND the take the lives of other innocent people, including a 13 year old girl. The brutal oppression under which the Palestinians have to live – because of us – is the cause of this. That is why this is happening. If we want this to happen we have to lift the oppression. As long as Palestinian people are denied hope, and denied freedom, and denied water, and denied their land and their homes, this will continue to happen.”

Realising the other side

33:00: There is an assumption that we (Izraelis) don’t do ‘these things’ (be responsible for atrocities)… but we do.

36:00 onwards: The Wall etc… has nothing to do with security. The terrorising and harassment, the humiliation of Izraeli-Palestinians has nothing to do with security.  “It has everything to do with racism, with hatred and with a deep desire to keep us apart. To keep me privileged and them with no rights. That’s the name of the game…”

How do two nations share a country?

(39:19) Look at Switzerland and Belgium.

(40:36 onwards) The Izraelis have created a one-state system. The notion that a government might give up all that [land] is absolutely absurd.

Problem 1: Izrael governs with three sets of laws:

1. For Izraeli Jews, Izrael is a democratic state for all intents and purposes

2. For Izraeli-Palestinians – there are laws and a whole culture of discrimination, which is deep-rooted

3. For Palestinians (in Gaza, West Bank) – the people are at the pleasure of the Izraeli army (the army destroy, arrest, torture, beat whoever they want – with no recourse to fair/unbiased justice)

Problem 2: The Zcionist education system teaches racism in very subtle ways.

Probelm 3: The cumbersome bureaucracy, which is entirely unnecessary but made to look like it is for security, makes life impossible for Palestinians.

Problem 4: The Izraeli army is the best equipped terrorist organisation in the world.

42:30: The most shameful day in the history of the Jews:

Sept 27 2008: They carpet bombed Gaza. They dropped 100 tons of bombs in a densely populated area where 800,000 children live. All the kids were on the streets at 11.25am (changing shifts for school). “If that’s not terrorism, I don’t know what is!”


The Apartheid of South Africa and the racist culture of the Deep South of the United States  had to go. Did the racists want this? No. It was not done by consensus. But by the rule of law. The Zcionist state has to go. It has to be replaced by democracy, where people are treated as equals.


49:00: The Iran issue is a smokescreen

53:30: Will there be opposition to the one-state solution? From the Palestinians, no. From the Izraelis, yes.

“When you’re privileged, you don’t want to give up your privileges…. and the privileges given (by the state) are part of the attempt to set us apart from the Palestinians.”

55:00: “Whites in South Africa didn’t want to give up their privilege and whites in America didn’t want to give up their privilege either. But they’re going to have to… That’s why there are pressures… that’s why there’s non-violent resistance, that’s why we have more events like this. That’s why more and more American Jews are breaking away from Zcionism…”

57:26: There were different types of Zionism, including democratic ones where they believed Jews and Arabs could live together. But the prejudiced/extreme (radical, racist, violent) Zcionists took over and became the mainstream.

58:20: Suicide bombing is not a philosophy. There are over 10 million Palestinians! And less than 200 suicide bombers. So there is not a madness of suicide bombers among Palestinians. “Let’s put things in perspective’.

“When people are desperate enough and hopeless enough; they see their fathers being beaten and tortured; they see their sisters being shot and arrested; they see their homes being destroyed;  they have no ability to go anywhere; or buy food or provide water for their families or their siblings; and they see this massive army that is relentlessly oppressing them and beating them. If there’s no hope, there’s no hope… And I don’t know a single Palestinian – and I know a lot of Palestinians – that thinks this is a good thing or supports it.”

1:00:00 and onwards – How do we change things? What’s the role of AIPEC and public opinion? Who’s instigating this? America? Izrael? Big Business?… Check out his thoughts…

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Further links:

Check out the important role of AIPEC – The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (Click here) ***VERY IMPORTANT ***

Rabbis for Palestine (Click here)

Further Information: The General’s Son – Journey of an Israeli in Palestine (Miko’s book, co-authored by Alice Walker)



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