To the question ‘why?’ we might answer with ‘because’ – that is to say, ‘just because’ or ‘it is just so’. Such an answer – if the ‘why?’ question was indeed a deeper philosophical/ existential/ scientific/ religious question – could be regarded as loaded with the atheist’s inference – that ‘life just simply “is”’; that it might have ‘come from nothing’ – and there’s nothing unusual about that.



In fact, the word ‘because’ can be broken down to ‘be’ and ’cause’!

It is worthwhile to note that in the Qur’an there is a (familiar-to-Muslims) statement that reads:

* = “His [God’s] command is only when He intends a thing that He says to it, “BE,” and it IS.”

(Qur’an 36:82)


God says “Be” and things happen… they are ‘caused‘.

God says ‘Be’ and pow! The Big Bang!

Why are you alive? Because you are… you were born etc…

An atheist might hear what he wants from that. But now you can hear too what a Muslim might hear.

(You were born to do something. You have purpose!)


So inherent in the English language to the (one-word) question of ‘Why?’ is a (one-word) answer that appears superficially atheistic – but is more deeply ingrained with the Qur’anic cosmological point of view, quite literally…


How about that!

An interesting observation.

That’s all.




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5 responses to “WHY?

  1. maryamchahine

    Ah, that is extremely interesting. You are very observant, masha’Allah : )


  2. I second the comment above. =)

    Just a technical WordPress question, please. Last month I commented on a moderated blog and it hasn’t gone through. Are such comments saved somewhere they can be retrieved from by the moderator if I request?


    • Thank you – Jzk – for your comment 🙂

      Yes, I believe so. The moderator is simply the host of the site. The host has to approve for comments to ‘go through’. (So you can make a request, which the host will have the final say on.) P.S. When you comment a lot on a particular site and the host continually ‘approves’, eventually your comments will automatically ‘go through’.


  3. In that case, the moderator is a friend! =)

    Many thanks.


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