The Destiny-Freewill Paradox

“The “Destiny-Freewill paradox”…  which basically goes like this:

[1] Factual observation: “Life is choice.” Death is the end of choice. Thus…
[2] Conclusion: Without choice there is no (meaningful) life. Making us “robots”.

[3] FALSE Assumption: Destiny and Choice are mutually exclusive (only one can exist)
[4] Fact/Definition: Islam requires the belief in Destiny. Thus…
[5] = [3]+[4] Conclusion based on FALSE Assumption [3]: “Islam rejects Choice”.

[6] = [5]+[2] Misguided Conclusion: “Belief in Islam necessitates the rejection of Choice and therefore the belief in “Fatalism” (that humans are mere robots).”

Note that the whole conclusion [6] rests on the false assumption that Destiny and Choice are mutually exclusive, which is incorrect.

In fact both exist at the same time and this is not a logical contradiction. The paradox is only an apparent contradiction.

“We do not choose what Allah writes, but Allah writes what we choose.”
It is just that our plans and actions will never contradict Allah’s Will.

Both Allah’s Will (Destiny) and our own choices thus exist at the same time.

We have ‘choice’, but we cannot 100% guarantee that our ‘will’ will eventually manifest in reality.

Allah is The Creator, Continuous Sustainer, All-Knowing. Thus Destiny exists.
What happened, happened. For reality (the past) there is no “What if?”, just “What is!”
The acceptance of Destiny is essentially the acceptance of reality!

We are not God, nor robot.
We are human. Thus we are only responsible for what we can do. Not what we cannot do.
Our choices have consequences. In this life and the afterlife.

We accept the past,
Live in the present and
Hope for the future.

May we ask forgiveness for our mistakes
and be grateful (in heart and action) for our blessings.”

By Saif Katana from Abdullah Al Andalusi‘s blog (Source)

To read some thoughts on ‘The Fallacies of the Free Will Argument for Individual Freedom‘, please read Abdullah Al Andalusi’s article by clicking on the link.

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