Your Remembrance

‘Ala Bi Dhikrika’ (‘Your Remembrance’) by Sami Yusuf is poetic in nature. I have deliberately opted for this piece of his to share (instead of others of his that sound like songs and look more like music videos) as this one reads and sounds more like (spoken word? Dramatic?) poetry – albeit in Arabic with an English translation. I am aware of the disapproval of music in Islamic discourse (See ‘On Music’ – a pending post).

‘Ala Bi Dhikrika’ is a magnetic gift nonetheless and is able to draw in the one that ‘receives’ it because of the combination of the words, sound and the visuals. The imagery in the video is perfectly chosen, mashaAllah. We hear the exquisite lines of poetry and then at 2:46 the sombre shift in tone  begins the chanting of some of the ‘Beautiful Names of God’, which adds to its profundity.

‘Al Asma al Husna’ means ‘The Beautiful Names’ and is a reference to the 99 Beautiful Names of God (Allah).  By ‘names’, what is meant is ‘attributes’ – that is to say – descriptors of the ‘characteristics’ of God. We are able to understand God by confirming our understanding of these characteristics. They serve to enable us to ‘know’ God AND to inspire us to ‘be better’. We try to be godly by aspiring to the lofty ideals that the Names describe (but we have no intention to literally ‘be’ gods because this is a ridiculous endeavour in its impossibility.) We aim to do what is humanly our best, Godwilling. Or at least, we try to…

The Names of God can be found interspersed meaningfully throughout the Qur’an. Please click here for further information regarding the 99 Names.

If this aids you to reflect on the majesty and wonder that is God – and to praise Him, subhanaAllah! – then it was worth the share. Allah Knows Best.



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7 responses to “Your Remembrance

  1. Julie

    MashaAllah, beautiful, Arif. May I reblog this?


  2. Julie

    I thought I might share this link with you regarding the talks given by Dr. Ali Allawi and Mahmoud Mostafa at Threshold Society discussing the Divine Names, if you don’t already know about it:


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