Prophet Abraham (PBUH) Built the Kaaba [Prophets 2 of 4]

“I was never told that the Kaaba was built by Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham – peace be on him) and Prophet Ishmael (peace be on him)…  I felt like I was lied to.”

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If you want serious debate on this topic, please talk to the experts. I refer you to the Blogging Theology site.

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3 responses to “Prophet Abraham (PBUH) Built the Kaaba [Prophets 2 of 4]

  1. Targum Onkelos when telling Genesis 22, gave some interesting issues:

    And Abraham lifted up his eyes after these (words), and saw, and behold, one ram, holden in the bush by his horns. And Abraham went and took the ram, and offered him for a burnt offering instead of his son. And Abraham worshipped and prayed there in that place, and said before the Lord, Here shall generations worship: wherefore it shall be paid in that day, In this mountain Abraham worshipped before the Lord.[26]

    This part in bold is not included in other Bible translations, it’s between verses 14 and 15. Here it talks about a place where Abraham offered his son, and this place was a place that generations shall worship God in. According to my knowledge, I don’t know a place Jews or Christians celebrate Abraham’s sacrifice and worship God in. But actually in Islam, we have a major feast which is Eid al Adha which can be translated to feast of sacrifice, where we believe that this place is in Mecca. Not only that, but Muslims go to Kaaba for pilgrimage in Eid al Adha.


    • Jazakallah for the information and links, brother.

      There is a poem I titled ‘Izrael’ that touches on the link between ‘Zion’ and ‘Sahyun’ (Arabic for ‘Zion’ referring to the Kaaba) as you mention: See .

      There is one or two other posts I intend to upload in due course that also touch on the topic of Prophet Ibrahim (as) etc. Please keep an eye out if/when you can. Jazakallahu khairan.


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