The Crisis of Civilization

Now I have some thoughts on this. But I’ll keep it brief:

First, this documentary by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed succinctly puts together thoughts that I’m sure has been troubling many of us for some time now.

Secondly, it identifies the Neo-Con extreme capitalist agenda as the real (global) self-defeating problem. This is done relatively well. But the documentary tries to end optimistically, suggesting ways in which we all should try and pitch-in to remove the obstacles in our way towards the collision that we are all otherwise heading. That is not necessarily a bad motto.

However… I have become very cynical of late. Sorry. What if the powers-that-be (i.e. the Neo-Con extreme capitalists) feel that actually they couldn’t care less about mass starvation, or fair-play when it comes to justice or resource management, etc… Given that they – the 1% – apparently possess the vast lands and resources out there, and they have erected a totalitarian system of policing their world-government, I have a sneaking feeling that they might resort to theories in evolution to claim a first amendment about the ‘survival of the fittest’, and the second about an inherent moral ‘relativism’ allegedly intrinsic to the natural world. In this way they are not accountable…

You see, depopulating the world might be – in their minds – a legitimate alternative not mentioned in the documentary… But surely, that would be a mad, nasty, evil thing to do, right? No, not in a ‘survival of the fittest’, morally ‘relative’ world…

We need moral grounding. To bring balance to the World.


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