The Terror Industry… (What you aren’t told – 1 of 2)

Goodbye 4th Amendment

Goodbye 2nd Amendment

Get ready to say goodbye to the 1st Amendment.

Goodbye America.

Continued in Part 2…



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7 responses to “The Terror Industry… (What you aren’t told – 1 of 2)

  1. Julie

    Thanks for sharing this, Arif. I could share something like this on FB, but it would fall on deaf ears. It’s all very surreal, but at the same time, when one knows history and if one pays attention in the slightest bit to what’s going on, it’s no surprise. Unfortunately, everyone will wake up when it’s too late.

    I recall when Bush/Chaney went into office: the first on the agenda was to build detention centers all over the country (who’s going to fill these places which are still empty?) and fund crowd-control weapons.

    ‘The Craft’ is spooky; I remember seeing them in the media footage early on and thinking, ‘what are they doing there?’. It was strange then that the media didn’t know who they were, but those acquainted with military are quite familiar. We think there’s no way our countrymen, our soldiers, could turn on the people, no matter what the propaganda, and I believe most would not, no matter what. They will always find their few who will, though, I guess…


    • I’ve too much to say Julie 😦

      I agree – the real frustration is how it feels as though no one is quite ‘getting it’. Then I wonder why. But I know why. 1) People don’t want to know (preferring the company of their comfort zones), and/or 2) the mainstream media is assisting in spreading the good news of the gospel according to mistruths on behalf of HRH the Multinational Companies aka Zcionist lobby aka New World Order aka Psychopathy, and possibly 3) Scapegoating Muslims is the new ‘black’ – it’s all the rage, darlin’, in all the ‘fashionable’ magazines – you can wear them (out) with anything… preferably in a bright orange jumpsuit in some place in Guantanamo…

      So, I intend to get the ‘terrorism industry’ book. But I have so much on my reading list it’s unreal.

      In terms of the possibility of our countrymen turning on our own people. Given how people can be easily led/misled via the media (c.f. Christian Europe in the Crusades; c.f. Nazi Germany; c.f. Rwanda; c.f. as above) – the rest speaks for itself…

      But Julie, be rest assured: we must be patient (Trust in Allah and his plan. This should keep us calm – but mindful) and we must persevere (strive, jihad, work for the betterment of your family, your neighbours, your locality – and this means I believe, to dawah, to care, to be involved in local good works, supporting those in need…) This will keep us grounded, real, sensitive, humane (Muslim) despite the politics of weirdness.

      Your statement “it’s very surreal” reflects the very modern state of affairs 😉
      Jzk sis


  2. Julie

    I know you’re right regarding countrymen turning on each other, given the world history of it. And right now one can feel the tension, as if it’s about to break. Dissenters, poets, writers, artists, and intellectuals haven’t fared very well throughout time. They tend to disappear into the night…

    It’s comforting to read that we should persevere in being Muslims in our communities: compassionate, supportive, constant, strong, and to dawah. jzk. 🙂


  3. maryamchahine

    I’ve read the comments, and I agree with what you said. We are on the same page and I think a lot of people who know what is going on are of the same mind. May Allah help us all and make us strong towards the dark future we are heading towards. Allah is in control of everything though and He will bring things about in the best way possible.


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