Americans Fear Government More than Terror

Police State Begins

As per previous post, this is an ideological use of ‘Homeland’ soldiers to make citizens feel the soldiers’ presence (under the pretext of fighting terrorism, yada yada).

Real meaning: Don’t mess! You now live in a police state… (“Big brother is watching.”)

For an article on this topic, please click here.



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6 responses to “Americans Fear Government More than Terror

  1. And we do feel their presence. Even when considering whether or not to respond to a blog post like this, we have to think twice


    • Jzk for your feedback Corbin. Agreed. I appreciate your point.

      Allah make it easy for you (all), inshaAllah.

      The strange thing is I want to talk about religion and culture – but see something about politics that is a blatant outrage – and get side-tracked… Perhaps that’s because they’re not as separate as the illusionists make us believe…


  2. maryamchahine

    “Don’t mess! You now live in a police state”

    Oh, most definitely, yes! Very true and very sad. America’s forefathers would probably be unable to recognize the country for what it is today.


    • When I heard that Americans might fear their own governments more than ‘terror’ – I thought, “At last! Maybe they’re ‘waking up’!”

      Perhaps a little too late. (…That’s my cynicism speaking)

      And “Allah is the Best of planners” (…ref from Qur’an – that’s my optimism speaking 🙂 )


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