Jewish Rabbi talks about Islam

A very interesting video. I initially wondered why would a Rabbi be saying this? His thoughts do tie up with my thoughts on Izrael.

For possible answers please check out here (apologies for the picture quality on the first one):

Jewish rabbi acknowledges ISLAM as a true religion

Jews Protest Against Zionism In Front Of White House

and Orthodox Jews protest against Zionism

and Muslim rule better than Zionism.


For the striking analogies between the Qur’anic Jesus (peace on him) and the first Jewish Christianity please go here and check out Paul Williams’ whole blogspace, which has much more material devoted to this very topic.



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2 responses to “Jewish Rabbi talks about Islam

  1. maryamchahine

    I couldn’t agree more with his thoughts on democracy and atheism. I like seeing and hearing from people like this Rabbi. It gives me hope that one day Muslims and Jews can live in peace together once again.


    • You’re absolutely right sis. I thought this was a real find, alhamdulillah. It made me realise the extent of varied opinions amongst the Jews. And the significance of the exodus made by the zcionists from their own – Jewish principles…


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