Izrael Hacked: Anonymous’ Act of Protest

“One of the paradoxes or ironies of the Izrael-Palestine conflict is that although we’re often told it’s a uniquely intricate and complex conflict and the solutions to it are so elusive and difficult

in fact as conflicts go in the world its probably the least complex, the most simple and the most easily resolved which is one of the things that makes studying the conflict so frustrating

because in my opinion if the public knew the real facts there would be a clear path to finally finding a resolution of the conflict…”

Prof. Finkelstein

WATCH What Will Bring Peace to the Middle East?

with Professor Norman Finkelstein & Hamza Tzortzis –

Watch from: 3:28-4:28

Izrael is a war criminal

Join Save Palestine from the Israeli Occupation on Facebook

Join Israel is a War Criminal on Facebook

Also watch: #OpIsrael

And WHY it is best called IZRAEL?


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