CNN Fake Newscast – and Implications (Think ii – 3 of 7)

And then check out Alan Jones’ commentary here.

Add to that how news stories are copied across news networks – here.

Now consider this:


Now consider Media ownership and control:




media control



Now you are ready to believe:




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15 responses to “CNN Fake Newscast – and Implications (Think ii – 3 of 7)

  1. MOD, have you seen a movie called “Wag The Dog”?

    If you haven’t, I recommend you do so. It’s not a documentary but it might as well be.


  2. Wag The Dog! Yes. Good movie. Chilling post. In 10 years, the number of corps will probably be smaller, their percentages bigger, astaughfirullah.


    • Yes. Monopoly is the name of the game. Just one big Ministry of Propaganda. But it will probably be called The Ministry of Truth.


      • aka – the Ministry of Magic (vis-a-vis Harry Potter as President, sponsored by Warner Bros)


      • I think that’s reading a bit too much into it. Harry is just another variation of the universal Good vs. Evil plot that’s covers everything from Lord of the Rings to Avatar to The Fifth Element.

        If you want something really metaphorical or symbolic look at V for Vendetta again and then think about 911.


      • I guess what I was meaning was the whole ‘magical theatre’ of media and the entertainment industries’ spectacular. But I see what you mean. I’ve seen V for Vendetta only once and I remember I didn’t like it, but can’t remember why. I have to watch it again to see what you mean. Thanks Richard.


    • I agree with Richard. Whoever ‘owns the means of production’ is in control. And in classical Marxist theory, the mass media is a ‘means of production’. In this way the communication of culture and ideas is controlled. I am not a Marxist – but this notion seems to make some sense to me. I never imagined (in school) that there’d be a time (now) in the West where despite the [usual narrative about the] demise of communism and fascism in the world – that the [politics of the] West would fall for the same game: the monopoly to control.


      • Sorry MOD. I think you’re in error regarding fascism’s demise.

        Do a search of Operation Paperclip or Project Paperclip just for starters.

        Also do some research into the americans who supported the nazis, Prescot Bush being one.

        Fascism was never defeated. It was co-opted by capitalism and kept camouflaged for around fifty years while the indoctrination machine was being perfected and the bankers were acquiring control of the world’s governments by controlling their debt via usury.

        Now it’s back out in the open, in everyone’s face and nobody even recognises it for what it is.

        Capitalism, corporatism and fascism are birds of a feather.

        “Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power.”
        Benito Mussolini


      • Yes. This was really the naivete of my school days – way back when. Since my university days (mid 90s), I knew something was up. With Sept 11th things began to take an Orwellian feel. I’ve always associated Orwell with ‘fears over Communism’ rather than with Fascism. In actuality, his concern was over totalitarianism – in which case Fascism is involved. Thank you for flagging this up. I will check out your references. Much obliged 🙂


      • It’s very disheartening but it seems that just about any “ism” you care to name always manages to end up as a totalitarian regime.

        That’s what happens when the psychos take charge of the asylum.


      • Agreed.

        “That’s what happens when the psychos take charge of the asylum.” – That’s another one. 😉


  3. I don’t think anyone does “fair and balanced”. Just about everything is very biased from what I’ve seen. I LOVE your last comment (I agree with it)


    • Thanks for your feedback jser67 🙂 I will be posting a few more on this topic then I will have to shift from it. It is important. But it’s mind boggling 1) how controlled it is and 2) that no one seems to know about it… Ho hum…

      You will be left speechless…


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