As I was going to St Ives…

as-i-was-going-to-st-ivesAs I was going to St Ives, I met a man with seven lies.
Each lie had seven facts.
Each fact has seven pacts.
Each pact has seven zillion sacks of gold:
Gold in sacks, pacts in facts, lies all told.
How much are they raking for their claiming ‘war on terror’?
And since you voted them to power,
How much blood is on Your hands together?
Start counting! Forever.
By Arif uz Zaman
For the poem Twinkle Twinkle O Death Star, please click here.
Palestinian_Mother_her2babies   terror
 killing-kidsImportant LINKS:
See So if 9/11 is an inside job, what’s this war on terror?
See Afghan kids
See Iraq kids
Check out the We: Circus or the We for info.
Cry for Iraq


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20 responses to “As I was going to St Ives…

  1. Julie

    My heart breaks a million times, but this must be written and said. Thank you for your courage. mash’Allah.


    • Jazakallah sis. It was difficult enough just scouting around for the photos. Half of me dreads to even look at my own post! How weird is that! ws

      (PS, where’s your americansufigirl blog? 😦 I’ve spotted you’ve a new one? 🙂 )


      • Julie

        Hello, Arif. I have to admit: I don’t have the heart to look at the photos a second time. Regarding adventuresofsufigirl: I couldn’t access it myself for a short time, but it seems it’s up and running again? Please let me know if you can’t access it. You’ve found my new blog… 🙂


      • That’s strange. I wonder why it would go down like that?

        So how’re you intending to differentiate the two blogs. That’s quite a handful, no? I’m struggling with just the one (I mean – with time) 😉


      • Julie

        I really don’t have the time. I have to write late at night when my little one is in bed – no time during the day except for a small window in the afternoon such as now. The other blog is just very random and small and is really just for a hodgepodge of personal ramblings that I thought didn’t fit so well next to great poets on my original blog. I’m worried about offending people on my new blog, I have to say.
        It was unnerving to not have access to my own blog for awhile; I don’t know if it was hacked into or what?


      • I know what you mean. Just be you, when you write.

        Hopefully, your blog illuminated the hacker and he let you have it back ;-D


      • Julie


        …and thanks for your support…jzk 🙂


  2. These are the things america should be seeing and hearing about every day and night. They should be made to witness what is being done in their name.

    During the vietnam war, before the media was totally corrupted, the people were shown the crimes their government was committing and it helped to end that false war.

    Those days are gone. There is only the internet now to help people find the truth. But most are to busy with american idol or the great race or dancing with the stars or entertainment tonight.

    Even online they are more concerned with facebook and the banality of celebrity news and bland daily trivia.

    Every program, every news broadcast should be interrupted with these images and stories instead of the endless mind control marketing war and useless material possessions.

    Guerrilla broadcasting is needed to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming and override it with Truth.


    • You’re right. The indoctrination machine has learnt from the Vietnam experience. This mistake will not be made again. How best to contain (control) the people? is the idea.

      And in terms of the audiences mesmerised by pop idol etc – that is who I specifically singled out as the ‘plastic population’ in the Malhamah poem. Ignorance is the new bliss. And the majority (the mass or mob?) are being duped into believing they are nothing but a mass and mob. Rather they are a collective of individuals.

      Anti personality. Pro Character…

      I think we need to put our heads together for this Guerrilla broadcasting… a david to the goliath of the mainstream media…


      • Back during the fist dubya term I came up with a line I like so much that I added it to my quotes collection;
        “The people have become so susceptible to indoctrination that willful ignorance has become the new intellectualism.”

        The broadcasting gig would require a lot of very tech-savvy people and some high financing. I’m talking about being able to capture broadcast satellite feeds and override them with broadcasts of The Truth Channel.

        That would be considered an act of terrorism and would land those involved in guantanamo.

        No existing broadcaster in america would air the material I’m talking about and the government would never license anyone who intended to. And if they lied, managed to get licensed and then aired it anyway, they’d be shut down in a heartbeat and shipped off to cuba.


      • This comment had me in stitches! “Shipped off to Cuba in a heartbeat!” Lol. The sad thing is you’re not even making this stuff up!

        The high tech broadcasting and The Truth Channel is a good idea – but knowing that even this will be disrupted begs the question of whether it is worth it. Unless you can safeguard a way for the broadcasting company’s longevity throughout (I can’t see how, at this stage). In the meantime, small scale but poignant pro-freedom-assertions might be a start from ‘rogue’ mavericks. Perhaps leading to a campaign of sorts (small ads leading to a bigger finale; from bumper stickers to an [international] conference and cultural event – that kind of thing). Raising awareness of the injustice against humanity is a MUST.

        “The people have become so susceptible to indoctrination that willful ignorance has become the new intellectualism.” Love this. 🙂


      • OK. What we’re talking about here is how to capture broadcast satellite feeds and re-task them with feed from the Truth Channel.

        So, that means needing the power to transmit to the broadcast satellites and override the network broadcasts with Truth Channel broadcasts.

        I’ll bet it could be done but I’ll also bet that it would be impossible to do it without giving away the location of the guerrilla broadcast site.

        Frankly I think it’s now to late for incremental movements. There are such movements happening all over the place and have been since before the invasion of afghanistan. They can’t get any traction.

        Even the so-called “arab spring” was just another bit of kabuki theater staged by american interests with unwitting actors from the populations of the countries involved.

        The “occupy” movement made a few ripples and faded into obscurity. There are all sorts of protests, movements and groups all clamouring for attention on their own pet issue while the big issue of empire is ignored.

        You can’t kill a weed by breaking off some of its stems. You’ve got to tear it out by the roots and leave not even a trace of its DNA for it to regrow from.


      • One final thing that should be kept in mind and, as you said, I don’t need to make this stuff up.
        You can be fairly certain that everything posted on blogs like this is being mined by more than one “intelligence agency”.
        Just something to keep in mind.


      • Yes. We should write a post with a secret message inside. And when they decipher it, it turns out to be a message to them… lol

        But don’t worry. Big Brother loves you 😉


  3. maryamchahine

    Say it loud and clear! Very powerful and I hear you all the way. This is one of the best uses of poetry, making the voice of the oppressed heard.


    • Jzk Maryam. Trying to use established and fondly familiar poems, rhymes etc in order to make an unfamiliar but equally established (hidden, unspoken) reality ever more apparent to the heedless is the target here.

      How best to make the voice of the oppressed heard. But still we also need to work out to what we intend… Otherwise the objective lacks direction. That’s the next challenge…

      We can’t do this alone. Anyone who has a heart, we must use our conscience towards the good, towards Peace, towards Truth, inshallah 🙂


      • maryamchahine

        Masha’Allah, it’s a great style to employ. Twinkle Death Star was so powerful because you used something familiar in a new way.

        Baraka Allahu Feek


      • jzk sis. will comment on yours on the weekend. iv some thoughts (yep, i know – they do happen sometimes 😉


  4. MashAllah, brother. This gave me chills in it’s bluntness. May Allah reward you in your efforts in spreading awareness, Ameen.


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