The International Monetary System & Future of Money (Think i: 4 of 4)

Stick with viewing this one…

Very interested to know your constructive thoughts…

For Imran Hosein’s website, click here.

For more (of his) videos on youtube, click here.



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5 responses to “The International Monetary System & Future of Money (Think i: 4 of 4)

  1. This is over an hour. I can’t watch it now but will do so later this evening.


  2. It’s 1:32 AM here and I’ve just finished watching the video. I will attempt to respond sometime tomorrow, or I should say, later today, after I get some sleep.


    • thanks for watching and taking the time… get some sleep! :


      • OK. 10:52 AM. Been up since 7:30. Got my father up and dressed, gave him his breakfast and got him settled in his recliner watching TV and reading his paper.

        Now I’m trying to get through my emails. I’m following too many blogs. I get a lot of comment and new post notifications and try to follow up on most of them.

        While I agree with some of the basic points of this lecture, there’s a lot that I think is just plain wrong.

        If you could find a transcript of the lecture, I’d consider doing a full post responding to it point by point.

        I’ve addressed a lot of these things in my own posts in the “Profit” category under the “Human Condition” heading on my top menu.

        First problem, since I’m an atheist (I guess that makes me an “infidel” and your mortal enemy) 😉 there are some key points to the lecture I must dismiss out of hand.

        One of the most significant is the stance taken regarding what “money” is. The Sheikh states that gold and silver are money because the Qur’an says so.

        I’m sorry but I must respectfully disagree. I have discussed this extensively in The Gold Myth and other essays posted on my blog.

        Money is an invention of the human mind, a fiat of law, it is not a commodity. Pretending that it is has been the main cause of all our “financial” and “economic” woes.

        I understand that Islam, Sharia Law, prohibits the charging of interest on money that is loaned. This is a very important and absolutely correct step towards a stable “economy”. Usury is the great destroyer of civil society and the creator of poverty, debt slavery and injustice.

        I’m not going to launch into a ten thousand word comment here. I’ve already covered this stuff in my own work. If you’re inclined to read it and comment on specific points I’ll do my best to respond.

        My only other option here would be to copy/paste long excerpts, or even an entire post. I don’t think the comments modules will allow more than a certain number of words.

        I ran into a problem with a very long comment I tried to post on another blog. I think it was R.L. Culpeper. I kept posting it and it just wouldn’t appear.

        Having said all that, thank you for this post. It has contributed significantly to my endless education.

        As-salaamu ‘Alaykum


  3. Thanks Richard for responding. Much appreciated in your taking the time to do this. Allah give you strength and patience with your father. That’s true nobility there. I’ve just posted a comment to one of yours – and it touches on points here so between here and there, I guess we’ve answered each others’ questions (and questioned each others’ answers).

    My little son’s calling for me, so will have to dash.

    PS – I don’t think of you as an infidel (I know you were joking – but just for the sake of clarity) – We decide our own fate and how we want to be considered. I look at you as co-citizen of the world. Brother man. Son of Adam. But I believe we MUST in the course of our lives – on a personal existential level – come to terms with God – and that conversation is purely between ourselves and God and no one (!) can get in the way. i could go to hell because of an arrogance that I’m following God’s way (I pray God protects me from that). You could go to heaven for each sensitive hand and heart, caring for your father. Each second you do good ‘burns up’ any sin we may have accumulated in life. But as ever, God knows best.

    Anyway, must go – been sinning away my time from my little son. He has a right over me (as I over him) 😦


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