How to Brainwash a Nation (Think i: 3 of 4)

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6 responses to “How to Brainwash a Nation (Think i: 3 of 4)

  1. Sorry. This video makes absolutely no sense.

    The guy is a whack job to put it mildly. He sounds like a contemporary republican/tea party meme puker.

    America has been brainwashed into a marxist/leninist soviet style dictatorship!?


    • ha! ha! I love your way with words! 😀

      I do see what you mean. Perhaps I should’ve explained the point of this one… (was rushing just to upload). Will write a note in a moment. (Attempting to complete and comment on one of yours at the mo) 🙂


    • Right, putting aside the personality of the chap who is amusing(ly odd), the point of this was really the beginning part, which I found interesting: how the Soviet’s brainwashed their nation – his 4 steps (demoralization, destabilisation, crisis, normalisation). He begins by talking about ‘ideological subversion’ – which is that “slow process to change the perception of reality to such an extent that no one is able to come to sensible conclusions” and they end up adopting a new point of view which was not of their own making etc. .

      Now I was actually thinking about the whole Sept 11th scenario while he was speaking. I know after the Berlin Wall came down (’89), US think tanks were working out their next new narrative. We had Fukuyama’s ‘End of History’ narrative around 1991 and then by 1995, Huntingdon’s ‘Clash of Civilisations’. In that he singled Islam, China and India as being threats but Islam was the biggest threat, etc etc. I recall a news item in 1998 (BBC) asking if we (the audience) knew that an Osama Bin Laden was the world’s most wanted man “although you might not even know who he is” were the words. And then by 2001, we had Sept 11th. After Sept 11th, tensions were running high. The above chap’s term ‘demoralisation’ seemed most apt (regardless of whether it fit exactly to his 15 to 20 years scheme) – but where we were “exposed to a new idea without it’s being challenged – especially if you could harness the mass media (thereby undermining the public’s core beliefs, where they become unable to assess effectively).

      With the credit crunch of 2008 and the ensuing depression, his ‘destabilisation’ word had another meaning to me – but not the one he intended. Again, ignoring the timescales, what happens here is the government begin to enforce what they feel in a more brutal fashion with surprisingly minimal resistance. They drive up their austere measures and care little about public protests. There is a similarity with the chap’s account of this.

      The third stage is ‘crisis’. This sounds like the impending ‘collapse’, which is supposed to be that “violent change” through which will come the fourth stage, “normalisation” of the pathocratic system – if I can borrow your phrase. So I found this pattern interesting, to this extent, which is why I shared it.

      I didn’t think for a second that America is becoming a Marxist state, so please forgive me for that. I wasn’t paying attention to his second half. And finally please do remember that we must all ensure we “unplug those bananas from out of our ears” to help us see better.’ lol 😉


      • You’ll have to forgive me MWM. I have an unfortunate tendency to take things at face value. So I wasn’t looking for parallels to anything else in what this dude was saying.

        His whole rant about how marxist elements had infiltrated the government blah, blah had me just sitting here with my mouth hanging open and thinking, “what kind of drugs is this guy on or did he forget to take his meds or what?”

        There is certainly a program in place and it has been ongoing and evolving for decades.

        The CIA started working on mind control or behavioural conditioning in the early 50s, MKUltra. There have been a number of psyops programs ongoing for a long time. I stopped researching them after a while when it became obvious that the little details didn’t really matter all that much. It’s the big picture and the overall impact that I’m concerned with.

        I became alerted to the whole concept at an early age when I read about Pavlov’s dogs. Then, a little later, I got hold of a book called “Physical Control of the Mind” by Jose Delgado from 1969. That book scared the crap out of me! Then I looked at Goebbels and Bernays.

        It’s all about controlling the perceptions of the people. The indoctrination machine has gotten very, very good at it.

        As far as 911 is concerned, that’s a good example. It’s a variation of the Hegelian dialectic, also known as the Hegelian triad.

        Problem, Reaction, Solution.

        PROBLEM: the false flag “terrorist” attack on 911 and the fabricated world wide terrorist network ostensibly responsible for it, all hyped and sold with the collusion of the corporate media.

        REACTION: with the continued collaboration of the MSM, the general population is thrown into stark panic. A climate of fear is produced, amplified and nurtured that completely alters people’s perceptions of the world.

        SOLUTION: illegal invasion and occupation of afghanistan and iraq, draconian legislation that strips civil liberties and shreds the constitution, massive increases in military spending and activity, all of which would never be possible under “normal” circumstances.

        This all segues nicely into the next PROBLEM, the financial collapse with another panic REACTION followed by SOLUTIONS of bailouts and austerity programs, the gutting of all social services and runaway unemployment.

        Now of course we’re seeing all sorts of “PROBLEMS” popping up all over the world, all causing predictable “REACTIONS”, which enable equally predictable and radical “SOLUTIONS” both military and economic.

        This is all very carefully orchestrated by the small cabal of bankers, the essential psychopaths who dwell at the very top of the pyramid. The plans are then implemented by the various subservient levels below them. The corporatists, the financiers, the wall street gamblers, all manner of capitalists and globalists and finally the lowly politicians who dance when their strings are pulled from above.

        As I’ve put forth before, this will all result in the installation of a single world government, world electronic currency and world military; in short, a pathocratic, totalitarian, global police state.

        Just my opinion.


      • Hi Richard
        I knew the CIA were up to stuff way back – but I never looked into it. I will check out a little about MKUltra, Pavlov’s dogs, and Jose Delgado, just for interest.

        I agree with your point about ‘the indoctrination machine’. I believe all the techniques used by the Fascists and the Soviets have been thoroughly analysed and refined so minds can be manipulated to such an extent and in such an effective and imperceptible way that all that left – if you’re wise – is a sour taste in the mouth.

        You use of the Hegelian triad to explain the rise of the pathocratic system is interesting. “Now of course we’re seeing all sorts of “PROBLEMS” popping up all over the world, all causing predictable “REACTIONS”, which enable equally predictable and radical “SOLUTIONS” both military and economic.” This is great. I particularly like the notion that such manoeuvrings are ‘predictable’. This implies, ‘testing’, which backs up what we’ve just been talking about, earlier. So cultures are merely guinea pigs for a (psychopathic) social project that mocks the humane spirit with the cover of appearing ‘pro-humanity’…

        Peace 🙂


      • Don’t forget old Edward Bernays.

        I don’t even think very much of it is “testing” anymore. The pace and abandon with which these “solutions” are being applied seems to indicate an end game strategy.

        Just my opinion.


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