The Malhamah Al Kubra

(The Coming of the Great War… aka Armageddon)


When they say a war is coming. They are right.

Well… Let it come…

The conscious submitters1 to God’s way – calling believers alike, respectfully, be they Muslim, Christian, Jew, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, Hindu – calling humbleness of spirit and those sacred tears spent for the weak and destitute, calling the Peace seekers, the Truth speakers standing firm, staring unflinching in the face of the Goliathan oppressors. Who knew

That we be the winners?

HolyWarrior  Jihadi Knight

Befriended by the good droid and android true, helpers all, and the humanely engineered life-supporting ones,


And the realists, the visionary dream doers, the pure Romantique that recite of The Love.1 Assisted by the spiritual rationalist, the sufi empiricist, the free-thinking authentic-traditionalists, the humane-itarians, the smiling, open hearted genius, and the God-fearers – like warriors, the jehadi knight, and the defending enlightenment crusader. And the march of Spring and Summer, of Autumn, even Winter. We are the past and present, we – the future…


Are standing united,

Come here at long last,

To reclaim




The Jewel of Time

From whosoever steals and

Defies by defilement of

(beauty) perfection par excellence2







From against the amoral beast men, the immoral demon-kind, and false prophets proselytizing Your Interest in only Your profits,

Manipulating you;


The moralizing nihil-moderns, the neo-pagans (the progressively regressives and the Self worshippers) and

The insubstantial neophiles (the plastic population, the clone, drone and cyborg);




The marauding Luddite-technophobes;

The cult of celebrity,

(The mechanical pop idols, sex idols, fashion icons, the slave-wage-labouring bloody labels – all false gods


Leading you to the loss of youth in total waste of time.

DO something better with your lives,

LIVE much better.)



The mob banksters,

The terror-dactyls,

The night and day materialist monsters,

The drug, sex (‘n’ lip-service to rock n roll) traffickers;

The anger mismanagement, the attitude problem,

The thinking ‘I’m a Gangsta!’

And being one;

The mob mentality,

The murderer, rapist, and misogynist,

The psychopath and his pathocracies,

Surveillance society;


The Machiavellian politicians,

The tyrannical puppets;

The prostrations to “the system, the system, the system!”


The Anti-Christ – that elitist muppet! and

The whole god-damn lot of the Undead army.

Undead Army

Join us. Here in the Now.

Let your conscience pick a side

Then live and die by it.

To be brought back on the day of the great levelling,

To be eternally reckoned by The Greatest Reckoner

Of the value of




The clear truth from error,

Do salute,

Do need,

Do call




By Arif uz Zaman

March 2013


1 Literal meaning of the ‘Muslim’ is those that submit (to God, to Peace) – The Submitters.

2 Al Wadud – The Love: one of the Ninety Nine Names of God.

3 “Ihsaan” is an Arabic term meaning “perfection” or “excellence” (Ara. husn) .

4 Al Haqq – The Truth: one of the Ninety Nine Names of God.


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10 responses to “The Malhamah Al Kubra

  1. Julie

    This is right on the mark. Ya Haqq. mash’Allah. ❤


  2. With much I agree. That with which I do not isn’t worth debating. Respect makes it unnecessary.


    • Thank you Richard for your feedback. Yours is a sensitive and kind response. Did you have an email or facebook account that perhaps we could discuss other stuff. I’m going through some of your posts (starting with those you’ve linked – and apologies for an apparent lag in response – work, fam etc) and will leave thoughts on your wordpress site anyway. Your thoughts are intriguing. I believe the difference in people can be a blessing. Because, you get people coming at a problem from different angles, points of view. And when they dialogue, often the result can be a set of various paradigm shifts. (and from that there can be much good and much bad. So we must still be cautious, I guess.)


      • Thanks MWM.

        I try to start out by giving everyone as much respect as I would like to be shown myself. If that doesn’t pan out, I’ll generally just agree to disagree and go my way with no further contact.

        I’m not really a “missionary” out to convert everyone to my point of view. I simply put forth what I have learned and what conclusions I have reached in my fifty years of endless education.

        What anyone does with that information is up to them.

        I wouldn’t touch facebook with a fifty foot pole. I’m beginning to have a lot of reservations about the internet itself. But, what the hell, it’s probably a little late to worry about that now. Some of my articles have been published on an iranian site, That’s probably enough to get my name on a list somewhere in the bowels of DHS.

        My email address is coldwarbaby at myopera dot com.


      • Your comments about facebook made me laugh. Thanks for your email address. I agree with your approach – of putting ‘forth what you’ve learned’ over a period of time. I guess I’m trying to do the same. I’m sorry if it’s coming across as though I’m trying ‘to convert’. I say this as its quite tricky trying to write as you see things and in a persuasive way to try to get others to see what you see (or how you’re seeing it). I say this also as there is a core Muslim belief that a Muslim – indeed no one – can actually convert anyone. It is God that ‘turns the hearts’. Our charge is simple: relay the message; speak the truth. It is upon the independent consciences of every one of us to decide what we want to do with that message. And then we will be judged at the end of our lives with all our decisions and actions. We will certainly be told where we went right and where we went wrong. Please note, Muslims do not get a free ticket to heaven. That would be unjust to everyone else. Muslims too will be judged as to what they did with the Prophet’s revelation (from God). And God is Just.

        This is very different from (my understanding of) Christian concepts of conversion, for instance, and salvation (but I might be wrong). And it is these grey areas that people get confused about and look at one religion through the eyes of another… Such is life, I guess. But also the reason or reminder for me to keep trying to make it all the more clear.

        I hope I have not offended you in any way. That was not my intention. Any errors here are my own.
        Keep writing 🙂


  3. maryamchahine

    Wow! Fantastic poem, Br. Arif! I love the images that flow throughout with the words. Images and words make a really strong impact. Words and images were both intriguing. Really like the style and voice in this poem. Another favorite after the twinkle death star and love dialogue poem series. A winner masha’Allah : )


    • Jazakallah Khairan Maryam for your comments! I’m so happy you like it. The point I guess here is that the problem of the world is all of our problem. And for Muslims, I guess the message is, we need to articulate the message so it is better understood – because of its humanity, realism and universalism. That is certainly no easy task as you know!


  4. Julie

    Hi, Arif. Just dropping in to re-read your poetry. Still love your poetry.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wa salaam sister. And Jazakallahu khairan. Long time. Hope you’re well. I must admit I’ve ventured away from poetry of late – but only temporarily. Got specific posts I want to pen before I return to the more lyrical world of word and verse… Will check out your page (though I do drop by from time to time.)


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