Muslims Mis-Communicating the Healing for All?

When watching this again recently, I felt it responded (loosely) one or two questions posited by the Viking Girl (Anne-Merete) in this post.

This is an interview with Hamza Yusuf (a while ago) entitled: “Why I Came to Islam” and is the 2nd part.

I deliberately inserted part 2 of this video-link for the reasons above. (You are free to watch part 1 the precedes this one and part 3 that follows it.)

*NOTE* the original video was deleted, so I’ve uploaded a more recent (and full-length) one, here. The MIddle section is the ‘important bit’ that I commented on, below:

Key Contents:

  1. For REVERTS: Do you have moments of doubt after coming into Islam? (Watch HY’s response).
  2. On modern communitarianism – who are trying to re-establish communities [now that communities have diminished in the modern world].
  3. Provincialism is a problem – so dealing with difference is dealing with different people in a way that is not alienating.
  4. Later: Why have Muslims not been effective in communicating their worldview in recent times?
  5. Modern reformers and deformers…
  6. Pride and arrogance is a problem: the solution is in humility. That is: submit until lesson is learnt.
  7. “La ilaha ilallah.” Does this statement guarantee your redemption? No. Probably not. Words and actions.
  8. Problem with Christian-bashing…
  9. The healers…
  10. Victimisation is a dead-end road
  11. Colonial systems: governments created by colonists have ‘shot down’ traditional enlightened systems
  12. Medinan template
  13. Disease is ‘ignorance’.
  14. Weltanschauung: the vision (the understanding and morality)
  15. Separation of ‘deen’ (personal piety, or transaction with God) and ‘millah’ (which is how to function as a collective body) is a problem.
  16. Consumption – the idol of the age.




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2 responses to “Muslims Mis-Communicating the Healing for All?

  1. maryamchahine

    Thanks for sharing this post from Anne-Merete! What she says is so true – we are not doing enough dawah! May Allah help us! I think Muslims are very much on the defensive because of all the things against Islam, and are just trying to hold on. All our energy is going towards protecting ourselves and very little is left to spread the message. However, such a state doesn’t mean it is acceptable and we must continually strive.


  2. What you say is true, Maryam. There are defensive Muslims, and I guess we should be patient with them as Anne-Merete was and try to set them straight. But there are some ‘crazy Muslims’ out there too, who you might not be able to reason with. I look at them like this: there are simply just ‘crazy people’ out there. How do we solve the problem of crazy people? I guess we accept they exist – whether there is one of them or a billion. And we consider them as a test for us to solve. Ensuring we set them straight through good word and good deed is presumably an initial chief charge on us.

    Something to ponder…


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