palestinian girl and israeli soldier

If this is fiction then I’d say the skill at empathy feels very real. And the reality is… Is this. So where are the voices and doers of empathy to assist? To heal? My words have failed to hide. How inside I’ve died. (Arif@ModWestMuse)



Monday 18th of February 2013


The Price of Freedom


As long wisps of smoke danced in the air, I felt my spine shudder and push me into the carnage of unforgiving ammunition. As if to augment my weak frame, the sun stung my bloodied olive skin like a feisty scorpion. I blinked violently, as a futile attempt to clear away the hideous grey smoke.

I hovered my limp hand across my abdomen until I found it. My fingers sank into a vile sludge of intestines and dirtied blood, my once rowdy eyes widened and my last thread of alertness coiled itself into a piercing, wild scream.

I closed my eyes and fell into the unwelcoming black pit of my sanctuary, a place I had visited numerous times before.



I knew from the way she looked at me, that she would be my first prey…

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  1. maryamchahine

    Jazzaka Allahu Khayr for letting me know of this very important story this sister has written. She has done something very important for the people suffering under this tragedy – she has given them a voice, and maybe one day the world will listen.


    • The story made my stomach/heart churn. I found this story by sister Fatema ( by delving the comments section of brother Paul Williams (check out his excellent site too ( And I agree with you she has given them a voice, alhamdulillah.

      Inshallah the world will listen soon enough, as I don’t believe people are so evil to not recognise evil when they see it. It’s coming sis. Justice is coming. I feel it. We must keep spreading the truth-news with creative vigour – and above all, with love. The rest, leave to Love, Truth, Justice (aka God aka Allah).


      • maryamchahine

        Thanks for the link! I’ll check out his website soon.

        Jazzaka Allahu Khayr also for your very inspiring and hopeful words. I pray that it comes true one day.


  2. Julie

    I just want to thank you for reblogging this. I was moved to tears yesterday reading her story – quite possibly the most painful words ever read. It is crucial for the world to know the story of the Palestinian people. jzk. 🙂


    • Jzk – and sorry for the tears! But you’re right. Sister Fatema’s story was so well written – that to know it has basis in reality simply makes one’s heart spin! Sometimes I have to switch my brain off from thinking about it. Other times, I think what little can I do to help. In part, the point of this blog was to raise awareness. But I pray to Allah to ease their suffering; to enable us to have the foresight and skill to be helpers, supporting any on the rough end of injustice; and to be positive speakers and doers of Ma’ruf, inshallah


  3. I read this and cried. This is absoluely heatbreaking- you did a great writing job. The world is cold, meam and cruel. It’s unfortunately getting worse. Know tnat there are good people all over the world


    • jser67 – I wanted to say this is actually a reblogged piece by Fatema (her blog should be linked on the page – please could you copy/paste comments to her site as she’s the one deserving of your true words.). I felt exactly the same sense of grief and I don’t know how to describe it, an empty sick feeling in my heart. I agree with you that there are good people around the world. I’m talking to one even now! 🙂 And your good heart reminds me that there is hope. God willing we have more hearts open to be able to recognise the injustices we see around us (even in our own households sometimes) and together work,struggle to put things right.


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