Triptych on Love

heaven 2

Dialogue Poem Set 3.14: On Love Robe Turquoise

Robe Turquoise concluded


A Triptych on Love



Love for sure.

But make sure, anon,

You base yours on


Love is surely based upon.



Love that is baseless


Senseless agitations,

Where affection is affliction,

Much ado…

Much affectations,

Slave to self and reputations,

Based on imaginations:

A play on the Real,

Like pining

After miming. Reacting in. Acting out

False salvations.



So the basis of Love?

Must needs. SelfOriginNation.

In God1 above.


By Arif uz Zaman

February 2013

For the Problematic poem that precedes this one, please read Love Song.

To understand what are the Dialogue Poems, please click here.


1 ‘Al Wadud’ is one of the Ninety Nine Names of God, which is to say This is an attribute of Him. And it means ‘The Loving One’ – or Love.



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4 responses to “Triptych on Love

  1. maryamchahine

    Masha’Allah, wonderful conclusion – the last stanza says it all!


    • Jzk, thought it most apt to end with the Robe. With the question posed at the prologue about whether meanings have been understood – the answer is possibly yes, possibly no. Let the reader decide. Thank you Maryam for your feedback throughout this tiny, mini-saga 😉


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