The Love Song


Dialogue Poem Set 3.13: On Love Earth n Parka Coat

Earth N Parka Coat rapped a Love Song:


They sing a love song
But that’s not love,
They play a love tune
But that’s not love.
We wanna be free!
I used to be a sucker for this ‘love thang’
Believin it real, ‘true lovin’ –
That’s what we’re after, they’d say,
That ‘s what’s about, they’d say:
“Love makes the world go round,”
But it don’t.
We wanna be free!
Forget the haters in the world, for one sec!
Forget the cynics of this here, for a minute!
It’s the dupers that take the mick
When they tell ya to “love man!” and make a quick buck (right back) out of it!
They sing a love song
But that’s not love,
They watch a love film
But that’s not love.
We wanna be free!
You see them selling love in at Valentino’s.
You see them selling love at the record-shop show.
All over the radio, you know,
Manufactured by dem men in da suits
Backed by lofty lawsuits.
Love sells, they say,
And money makes the world (they made) go round,
Around you!
But it don’t.
We wanna be free!
You need the perfume, the car, cigs, and the drink,
You need to start young, stay hooked and sink,
And love like bait, you gonna feed the bigger fish:
They shark you out a-dry dish.
They sing a love song
But that’s not love,
They write a love book
But that’s not love.
We wanna be free!
So what was true in you,
That oh innocence o’ you,
That very love in the life o’ you is suffocate,
As they took your breath away.
And what’s left is just a husk o’ you,
As you went round believin’ – they sold you!
And what’s become o’ love’s a fleetin’ memory
Of what never was, imaginary,
A duplicate scene from a film you watched one day
A doppelganger love – as ‘true’ as night is day.
Lies make the world go round, you play all day.
But it don’t.
We wanna be free!
They sing a love song
But that’s not love,
They dream a love dream
But that’s not love.
We wanna be free!
Only real love is real, my friend.
No angel-pursuit which mankind can never be.
No beast-pursuit – the devils duped you believe.
Real love is human, so humane
With no pretense of pleasure or pain.
It just grounds you in reality.
I said that real love is in the high ‘ground’ of reality.
Real love is to shelter homeless, feed the hungry,
Support orphan, sick and needy,
To be there for friend, ‘n’ for family,
To ‘company spouse on hero’s quest encourage
To unite now, forever, in marriage
Don’t ya know you sin when you do it outta wedlock?
But you’ll be blessed by Him when you keep it to The Bedrock. [1]
So why be a fool? The only reason you choose to abuse
Must be you thought you’d nothin’ to lose
And sure for nothing to gain. That’s wrong, you’re playin’
With fire – an’ that’s a dangerous game.
We wanna be free!
So be a REAL man, a good woman, above all be true,
And complete the other half of your deen [2] –
The other half of you.
That run on empty you feel is part soul-ache for your spouse,
It’s part need to pray for your way to God’s house.
A bachelor’s life you’ll see is aimless strivin’
Creating goals for your soul when one stares at your face, gaping.
So real love is to spend your wealth, your trust, for humanity.
Spend it wisely, justly, for good o’ you, ‘n’ community
Not for selfishness or ‘blissful’ loss of life in fantasy.
We wanna be free!
A song about real love is a song about truth, an’ peace
A song about real love is about mercy, justiiice
A song about real love is priceless –
(You gonna wanna know – ) It’s free!

By Arif uz Zaman

February 2012

For the REPLY to this poem, please read A Triptych on Love.

For the poem that precedes this one, read Love Divine.

To understand what are the Dialogue Poems, please click here.

1 – “Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:“ [A Muslim] would have intercourse with his spouse and would be rewarded for it. The Companions (may Allah be pleased with him) asked: Oh Messenger of Allah! A person would be rewarded while satisfying his sexual need? Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) replied: Yes. Isn’t it that he would be punished had he practiced sex illegally? The same applies if a Muslim practiced a lawful intercourse with his spouse. As such, he would be rewarded.” “ (Ahmad reported this Hadith) See Islam Basics 
2 – Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) declared: “When the servant of Allah marries, he has fulfilled half the (responsibilities laid on him by the) faith; so let him be God conscious with respect to the other half”. (Mishkat)


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2 responses to “The Love Song

  1. maryamchahine

    Loved the meaning and messages in this poem! This character’s voice really jumps off the page. There is a great change in the style of this poem, showing great versatility. I really felt Earth n’ Parka speaking to me as I read through the poem. I like how you offer good advice without seeming to be preachy. Great work!


    • Alhamdulillah, your feedback is truly invaluable. It’s hard to know if the ‘feel’ or tone translates as close to what I’d intended. It’s great that you could see that this was a very different character. In fact, I wanted each of the players here to speak in different voices – some similar and some very different – as is in life. At the same time to convey the meanings that need to be relayed (I believe) as part of the range of themes that become part of the discussion.

      I’m glad you could feel Earth N Parka Coat ‘singing’ to the reader – and the ‘preachy’ bit is a fine line, I know. I was hoping the advice he speaks of is at least seriously considered. Jazakallah Khairan for great comments..


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