Hope i


Dialogue Poem Set 3.10: On Love ashen cloak

Ashen Cloak continued:


Hope i


Time to come down from the stars,

The celestial seas that span the two temples,

To stop reflecting upon beauty and enchantments

And instead, to face one’s ugly reality and learn;

Time to deaden this heavy heart

That once used to sing and mystify, pulsing,

Swooning into a thousand symphonies.

It could rage the oceans into war,

And stir the dawn to wake.


Now, turn. Let us leave it.

But wait, not yet –


And so,

You had ventured within those waves of dreams

For years, unhearing

That echo, the source of its loneliness.

And on you went, onwards

To nowhere.

Till time had sapped you of your foolish youth.


Those dreams! Hopeless illusions!

Real only in leaving you at a loss… Lost…

There the pain overbore you into

The hopes of what could have been

And what never will.

And you go tumbling over and over

As voices remind you never and never!


Destroy those smiling fancies that whisper sweet words

To coerce your sensitive soul – that plotter of false wants.

Murder that damnéd muse orchestrating

That foul yearning to love and be loved.

Let us beat it till no life is left.

Kick and stamp it! Beat it! Kill it!

Pound the tears, the memories that seem to burst red and spray!


At last…

Dry up your eyes – all wet.

Throw away your bitter packs of yesterday

And instead, reach for solid ground.

Feel not. Think not.

Remain vacant in love. Leave the heart empty of life

And strive into this dead land with nothing weighing upon your soul.

Cast yourself into the shadows and step cautiously,

Staring at the nighted world through eyes of wisdom and of stone.


If ever there were a girl, a lady, a princess up high

Who dreamt to be loved by a heart as I once had.

She may slay herself now. For that love has gone.


By Arif uz Zaman


For the REPLY to this poem, please read An Apology and Warning.

For the PROBLEMATIC poem that precedes this reply, please read A Refrain: To Complain.

To understand what are ‘the Dialogue Poems’, please click here.



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4 responses to “Hope i

  1. Julie

    Brutal: heart ripped out…and slain… The Dialogue Poems are strangely addictive and powerful.


    • Jazakallah Khairan Julie for your feedback. Thank you. This is a dark poem, for sure – and had to be offset with the others as now is. I’m glad that this sequence of poems and the narrative that runs through them is ‘working’. “strangely addictive and powerful”… wow 🙂


  2. A very sad poem that is beautifully written. Sad in its meaning, but also very true to life. For anyone wanting to face reality and keep one’s heart intact, this offers important advice. Very well written and offered to the reader. I personally found a lot of benefit in this poem.


    • Thank you. Again, I did wonder whether to include it in as it was quite dark in nature – but we must deal with the breadth of human emotion, I guess. And offer antidote to any ills, inshallah. It was necessary to place this in sequence with the others. Jazakallah 😉


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