A Refrain: To Complain

ashen cloakDialogue Poem Set 3.9: On Love

Ashen Cloak replied:

A Refrain: To Complain


My god,

This makes things worse!

To think how in solitude

I have wondered high and low to try,

To try and seek her out.

And yet you here, so smug,

Relate your heart’s songs

And refuse to hear mine!

Refuse to hear mine!


-I didn’t say I’ll not listen – (Robe Turquoise interjected) – and I am troubled, sincere, by the troubles you are making of your own world. But we must both speak our mind, in this, ours,

Till we both to reason-able way define. That is, ‘to find’.


Ashen Cloak resumed:


Well, let you see to where my woe has me

to my lonely journey led. And let your mind

ponder on the truth I have defined and said.

Divined. And bled.


By Arif uz Zaman

February 2013

To read the DEVELOPMENT to this poem, please read Hope i.

To read the PROBLEMATIC poem to which this is the reply, please read In Heaven, In Time Forgot.

To understand what are the Dialogue Poems, then please click here.


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