ashen cloak

Dialogue Poem Set 3.4: On Love

Ashen Cloak replied:



No. You misunderstand. You have it wrong.

Cathartic-exorcisms of soul’s aches

Is like cleansing demons,

Using the pathos of poetry’s

Pure water:

Immersion in the sentiment of love is all I spoke.


(Blue Hemp Tunic observed, touched on last point

In support of Ashen Cloak:)

You intelli-literalists are always unfathomed

By us spiri-metaphoricists. Our

Meanings are lost on you – out at sea –

So we must like lighthouse see

To spell the words a light to help you out.

Think of the love of Layla and


How they were made as one and died in two.

How one ‘idolised’ the other

Recognising the ‘God’s breath’ in her.

And how he was killed by the

Men of law who couldn’t legislate on the letters he saw

Despite the love he bore.


(Ashen Cloak resumed, ignoring

Blue Hemp Tunic’s camaraderie:)

But mine was a communion with love’s absence

Of soul via mate – or lack thereof – of a once present state.

No less. No more.


By Arif uz Zaman

January 2013


For the REPLY to this poem please read the poem What is Love?

For the PROBLEMATIC poem to which this is the reply, please click on Wherefore Romeo?

To find out what are ‘the Dialogue Poems’, please click here.



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8 responses to “Layla

  1. Fantastic poem! Your poems are quite complex, and filled with deep meaning. I love what Ashen Cloak said at the end….exactly!


  2. Jzk! A question for you: is this ‘complex’ good? Or ‘complex’ bad?

    It is true, I am trying something here, (which I explained in an earlier comment to Julie – in the Nightlight poem) – so your comments are invaluable to me 😛


  3. This is ‘complex good’. I may be different from a lot of other poetry readers, but I like a variety of different types of poems. I like the simple and I like the complex. But I don’t like language poetry as it is too complex and I can’t discern meaning. I usually enjoy a poem that either has a deep meaning or a poem that has a rhythm and a way of words that flow. If a poem has both, then it is excellent in my eyes, but if it has neither, then I generally can’t enjoy the poem.

    Not to make this long winded, you have a good balance of complex here. It was complex where I kept reading it…I think at least three times. It’s not a complex though where it is just too complex to even have the effort at it.

    I think you should continue on with your experimentation.


  4. Thank you Maryam for your words of encouragement (and for reading and commenting) 🙂 Your words have made me thoughtful, perhaps ambitious. Alhamdulillah. I like that feeling of wanting to try. To try and make it better. I didn’t realise how a blog could end up being a source of encouragement. I hope I am assisting you/ motivating you (however marginally) to write too. Your thoughts, as ever, are meaning-full. jzk 🙂


  5. Wa’iyyakum! And yes most definitely! Your feedback has been very inspiring and motivating. Writers need that support as writing is a very solitary endeavor. I’m making a lot of headway with my novel that I’ve been writing off and on for about seven years now I believe because of comments like yours. I’m not able to publish some of my other poems yet on my blog as they are under consideration with some literary journals and magazines. If they all get rejected, then I’ll be posting them to my blog soon. Which reminds me….have you thought of submitting your work? That’s of course your own decision, but I’d definitely take it into consideration. You could reach an even wider audience.

    May Allah grant you deep and meaningful words to flow from your pen always! : )


    • I’m really looking forward to your book. Seven years? Wow. Well you know I’d be buying yours, hands-down! The subject matter of yours is particularly interesting. Writing a book, though, is such a different mind game! I have written about 2-300 pages of a fantasy novel – (bet 08 to 11), but have temporarily paused, for a host of reasons. In terms of publishing, I have considered it in theory (for my novel) – but your words here are making me reflect on this more seriously (for my poetry writing). Jazakallah khairan.

      I love your last statement btw! 🙂


  6. I’m glad you think the subject matter of my book is interesting. It’s taking me so long to finish it because I’ve stopped at different times in writing it because various things came up in life and to be honest because I find it hard to write very long things. I think one of the reasons why I enjoy writing poem is because it is so short ;D LOL! Like you said, writing a novel is a definite mind game. I’ve had to play all kind of mind tricks on myself to get myself to write, especially when I’m not feeling inspired.

    I hope you will be able to publish your fantasy novel one day. And maybe even your poetry if you decide to go that route. My sister says that the fantasy novel Aleph the Unseen is a wonderful book. The writer is a Muslim woman I believe, so you might want to check it out to inspire you. It’s great to see the work of Muslim writers getting more exposure these days.


    • I know exactly the same feeling about writing long things. Funny 😉 Keep at it though, stick to the 1000w a day as much as you can! (That was supposed to be encouragement lol) I will certainly check out the novel you suggest inshallah. My reading list as ever just keeps growing!


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