False Idols

false idols

Dialogue Poem Set 3.6: On LoveRobe Turquoise

Robe Turquoise replied:


False Idols


The imports of your meanings are clear:

For one, love is despair;

The other who loves, loves much, sincere,

But both, I say, must yet beware:


Though I see your meanings,

The fact remains –

‘She’ is not god

So the fool’s to blame,

Who’d bow to another mortal-ity.

Hah! – Morality!

How sects have profused from such



How many ideas and ‘common senses’

Have ‘wise’ fools, like old wives, tell-taled?

Leading others ‘down

The garden path’, so to speak,

Helping us along to fail,

Erring on the side of

Spiting caution to the winds.

That’s the cause for our want to settle old scores:

No quibble, no returning war, but

To idol-break the vicious circles (of sin);

To qiblah1-heal (at heart, word, deed) we foreswore.


(Blue Hemp Tunic clarified:)

Okay, I see where you might be going

So let me say this and then begging pardon,

Kindly ask to take my leave.


God is God Just as Just-is Love.


Think on’t

– Nay more –

Let its very knowledge course through our very being,

Like how life without water, we would never have been.


I am sorry if I had judged you and yours.

This is wrong. God is the Sole soul Justicer.


Please allow me to forewarn you to mind your words

Though your intention is fair-meaning.

I fear yours is weighted judgemental.

How for others to ‘cognise truth in you if balance be true – on one so sided?


(Robe Turquoise spoke:)

Your words seem clear, yet I fear, some cryptic here.

I’ll answer anon –

That’s another discussion.


(Exited in silent bowed and walking stick,

Think-tapping Blue Hemp Tunic.)


By Arif uz Zaman

January 2013

For the REPLY to this poem please read Love Happy!

For the PROBLEMATIC poem to which this is the follow-up, please click on What is Love?

To understand what are ‘the Dialogue Poems’, please click here.


1 Meaning here ‘to face’, that is, ‘to orientate oneself squarely to the direction God wants you to face…’ I.e. to Him, to Truth. “The Qiblah (Arabic: قبلة‎, “direction”), is the direction that should be faced when a Muslim prays during salah. It is fixed as the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca.”



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2 responses to “False Idols

  1. “Who’d bow to another mortal-ity.”

    Very well said! That’s one of my favorite lines. This poem has a nice play on words, too! I agree with the thoughts on love expressed through these series of poems. It’s definitely not the romantic version of live spoon fed to us these days. Love is a very superficial thing in society today. Even the poetry of Rumi is misinterpreted today. Many people reading Rumi believe he is talking about the love of a woman when he is actually talking about the love of God.

    From the ending of this poem, I’m expecting that we will have more to hear soon. Keep writing!


  2. I must say, I like your close reading of a poem and your comments on your thoughts. I agree there does feel to me an odd way that ‘society’ seems to be interpreting things (such as love) nowadays. A sign of a deeper, more profound ailment, perhaps? And yes, just a few more poems on this narrative-theme remaining, inshallah.


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