An Ache. Always an ache.

The terrible struggle of days and aeons

And from this trembling body I gaze aghast at my terrestial hand that shakes,

Severed, in front of my face across the space,

Almost light years away in this enclosure.

But it is real.

A pain I have, and I try to place it;

It has been with me for some time.

And I touch the ground that is the earth.

I feel

And it is real –

The throbbing, the sorrow, the weariness, the love, the desire, the ambition is


Within this breaking world of me…

Yes, indeed I am alive…

Indeed this pulsing heart has some purpose,

But the pain remains, beating…


dark space


God knows best

Why this breathing troubles my soul;

Knows best

The gravity of existence as I lay buried here, dis-located,

Beneath this weighty soil.



By Arif uz Zaman

June 2000


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