A Muslim Apolo-gy/-getics to the non Muslim

truth is lies

Where I talk about political social existential-intellections, I’m sorry,

When addressing the Americans, the British or the Western nations,

And all,

In that I make an imperative dis-entangling identification

Of 1) the governments that check and creep,

Supposedly representing you in its grip;

2) The mainstream media that drive subtle

Propaganda tanks for it, allowing only banks and

Powers with vested interests speak

In precise, shock and awe, droning bullet points; –

And 3) you – a pawn in their efficient ‘Venus’-fly by war machine.

Forgive me, but you must see what I mean.

To me, you and we are prime

Co-citizens of the world, post-nationalist,

Inter cultural,

Saluting the ethical life,

Good Crusader-good Jihadist[1] struggling for peace[2],

Well meaning until you die.

That’s why I write to you.

Please think. Don’t waste your breath in life

Actioning out their lies.

Seek Truth[3].

For the sake of Love[4], I love you.

Until I die.


Arif uz Zaman

January, 2013

For the poem ‘Rules of Inter-Communication 1’ click here.

To see how Identity can Mind-Led us away from Truth, please click.

[1] ‘Jihad’ actually means ‘struggle’. As in how you would struggle to do good, to score highly in exams, to keep to a deadline, to be kind to annoying and difficult peoples… you get the idea. ‘Struggling to do good for the sake of God’ is the worthiest struggle.

[2] ‘Salaam’.

[3] ‘truth’ is anything that is true, as you know. In Old English ‘triewe’ means “faithful, trustworthy.” In Arabic, ‘haqq’ means ‘truth’ too. ‘Al Haqq’, literally means ‘The Truth’. And is also one of the Ninety Nine Names of God.

[4] ‘Al Wadud’ means the ‘All Loving’ or ‘Love’. And it is one of the Ninety Nine Names of God.



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4 responses to “A Muslim Apolo-gy/-getics to the non Muslim

  1. Cheli

    Hi, I love this poem. I love
    Good Crusader-good Jihadist struggling for peace.

    The title is deep.

    We are hoping with you (and working) for these new things to visit us again on the earth: love, respect, health, peace, calm.

    All peace to all Muslims, Salamkum. wa shokran ashen kull il ishi inno bat9allem minkum.

    email me if you want to put heads together.

    with respect,


    • Thank you for your very kind words and support 🙂 jzk. I too hope we can achieve these things despite the struggle otherwise. We all do need to put our heads together… 🙂


  2. Julie

    Wonderful: “Seek Truth. For the sake of Love.”


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